• Dylan Tice

Trades That Need To Happen Before The NFL Trade Deadline

With the trade deadline quickly approaching this upcoming Tuesday on October 29th at 4:00PM EST, I decided to write an article on multiple trades that I would like to happen. Do they make sense as far as cap? Maybe not, but a man can dream right? does the trade make sense for the team that gave up the stud player? probably not, but we can't act like it made sense for the New England Patriots to trade a 2nd round draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Mohamed Sanu. With that being said, let's get into it!

Joe Mixon to the Kansas City Chiefs:

After a breakout year in 2018, posting a phenomenal 1,464 total yard season with 9 touchdowns, Mixon is currently the RB34 overall in terms of fantasy points. Most of the blame is given to the Cincinnati Bengals pour offensive line. Mixon is getting hit behind the line of scrimmage on most of his carries. Another thing that the Bengals are struggling with is giving Mixon targets. I believe he is one of the more underrated pass catching backs in the league and he only has 15 receptions in 7 weeks.

As far as the trade, he would be dynamic in KC. Mccoy has been the best of the bunch, but I believe the addition of Mixon would make this KC offense that much better. I'm just over here envisioning Mixon in open field due to a well drawn of screen which Andy Reid has been known for doing over the last couple of years.

Imagine Mahomes/Mixon/Hill/Watkins/Kelce offense. The Bengals clearly aren't going to be contending any time soon, so just free my dude Mixon from this awful offense please! I know Mixon owners are hopeful of this to happen because the landscape from Cincy to KC is quite the difference.

O.J. Howard to the Houston Texans:

After showing promise in 2017 and 2018, O.J. Howard has been a colossal bust in 2019 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 6 games this year, Howard has 13 receptions, for 176 receiving yards, and 0 touchdowns. He is currently the TE39 overall in half point scoring leagues. He's averaging a robust 3 targets per game, so it's evident he is not in the Buccaneers plans for 2019. With that being said, why not trade him for some draft picks and just role out Cameron Brate?

Here now enters the Houston Texans. They are currently 4-3 due to having one of the best offenses in the league. Could you imagine if they get an athletic TE like O.J. Howard? QB Deshaun Watson has made the like of Darren Fells and Jordan Akins fantasy relevant (both top-20 TE's at the moment), so just imagine what Howard would be capable of in this offense.

I'm currently mouth watering thinking of Watson/Hopkins/Fuller/Stills/Coutee/Howard all on the same team. O.J. Howard would surely be a TE1 in a Deshaun Watson led offense.

Cam Newton to the Denver Broncos:

A couple of factors go into this one.

-Do I think Cam Newton is on the downside of his NFL career? Yes I do.

-Do I think the Carolina Panthers are comfortable with Kyle Allen as the teams starting QB? Yes I do.

-Do I think that Cam Newton is better than Joe Flacco at this point in there respective careers? Yes I do.

Kyle Allen is currently 4-0 in his 4 career NFL starts, defeating the Cardinals, Texans, Jaguars, and the Buccaneers (Newton lost to them in week 2). You can't start Newton over Allen when Newton returns right? Newton led the Panthers to an 0-2 start to kickoff the 2019 season. I recommend riding Kyle Allen, he certainly deserves it. In the meantime, ship off Cam Newton, who seems to be ready to play around week 9-10, to the Denver Broncos. The Joe Flacco project has certainly not worked out in the Broncos favor.

They are 2-5 and while the defense has been awful, so has Flacco. In the first 7 games of the season, Flacco has 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, mediocre at best numbers. I honestly believe Newton is the better option at this point in the QB's career. For what it's worth, Newton is 4 years younger than Flacco.

Vic Beasley to the Baltimore Ravens:

Hashtag defensive players deserve love as well! I really want to see Vic Beasley in Baltimore for numerous reasons. So first off, this Baltimore Ravens offense is legit. They are currently being carried by Lamar Jackson, as he's been one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year. He's done so with Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews not being 100%.

Thankfully the week 8 bye week will help get them right. As they are currently on the bye week, the Ravens have the chance to look at their respective roster and realize "wow if we are going to contend with the Patriots and 49ers this year, we really need to beef up our defense". They started this movement last week, bringing in Marcus Peters (who had a pick 6 in his Ravens debut last week).

They are currently a top-5 team in the league with a below average defense. Here's where Vic Beasley comes in. The former sack leader would be a huge addition to the Ravens because not only can he be a pass rusher, he can also be solid in coverage as a linebacker.

When you see the front-7 consisting of names like Chris Wormley, Josh Bynes, Patrick Onwuasor, and Matt Judon, it's safe to say the Ravens would welcome Beasley with open arms.

Xavien Howard to the New Orleans Saints:

This one just made way to much sense to me. Xavien Howard was arguably the best lockdown corner last year. Even though he's had a off year, which Miami Dolphin hasn't? At this point, I honestly believe anyone on the Dolphins is available for trade during this rebuild phase. That being said, even Xavien Howard could be on the move even though he is the teams best player. The New Orleans Saints seems like a good landing spot in my eyes.

Even with Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara currently dealing with injuries, the team has been kept afloat by Teddy Bridgewater. The Saints are 6-1 right now and need to be treated as contenders for the time being.

You know how above I mentioned that Howard was arguably the best corner last year? Well Saints CB Marcus Lattimore could make a case for the top CB this year. He's notably shut down stud wr's Mike Evans and Amari Cooper this season.

Imagine the clamps the Saints would be putting on offenses with Lattimore and Howard on different sides of the field. Howard would be a massive upgrade from Eli Apple, who has been a bust since he joined the league.