• Connor Smith

Texans 2020 Draft Review

Texans Draft Review

Connor Smith

Lots of teams this year drafted polarizing classes, whether they made great picks or missed immensely. The Texans are not one of these teams. This mainly, is because they had no first round picks so they didn’t have much room to kill the draft or ruin it early. The Texans, to me, had an average draft. I don’t think they got any massive steals at all but I also don’t think they made any obviously bad picks. I know, pretty crazy for Bill O’Brien. I’m going to review every pick and give my opinion.

Pick 40

Ross Blacklock: At first I didn’t love this pick but after I looked more at the Texans roster and their inability to pressure the quarterback with J.J. Watt off the field, it made much more sense to me. Blacklock has the ability to become one of the better interior lineman in the league. My first drawback about him was his inconsistency in college. There were times where he played like a first round lock and times he played like an average BIG 12 defender. All in all, a good pick to fill a hole on the defense.

Pick 90

Johnathan Greenard: Greenard led the SEC in sacks and tackles for loss last season and is a good pressure pick. He doesn’t have exceptional athleticism which kept him out of the first round but he sets the edge well and gets to the quarterback. O’Brien focused on offense in the offseason, seemingly losing Hopkins for a platoon running back in the process, and is now focusing on defense heavily during the draft.

Pick 126

Charlie Heck: He adds depth to the tackle position. Didn’t allow a sack in 12 games for the Tar Heels and their soon to be top pick quarterback in Sam Howell. He did allow 14 pressures in those 12 games which more highlights Howell’s ability to escape and continue plays. Heck has the upside to become an average starter in the NFL learning behind Laremy Tunsil and last year's first rounder Tytus Howard.

Pick 141

John Reid: I don’t love this pick but it’s a tough one to hate. Reid was a 5th year senior who contributed enough for the Nittany Lions. Reid adds depth to another stronger position for the Texans just as Heck did. Less potential than Heck but obviously the Texans liked him. Torn ACL in 2018 could be a worry but other than that, no injury concerns.

Pick 171

Isaiah Coulter: I hate that they waited so long to take a receiver in this 2019 class that was so deep. That being said Coulter is a speedy guy who has sleeper ability and could become a great target for Deshaun Watson. I wish that the Reid pick would have gone for Quintez Cephus or Tyler Johnson as the Texans already have some speed and those two are bigger targets but you never know what O’Brien is thinking…

Full Review

Like I said earlier I don't love the draft for the Texans but I also don’t hate it. I don’t think they made any huge mistakes and they didn’t have much capital to trade up or even take many risky picks so it’s understandable. I don’t think they found any stars in this draft.

Best Pick: Johnathan Greenard: I think Greenard will have an early impact rushing the QB. I don’t think he has the talent or ability to become an all around OLB who can play in coverage consistently and he won’t be a 3 down backer. That being said, he was a big contributor in college in the ACC and SEC and should contribute his fair share in the NFL.

Worst Pick: John Reid: I only say this because there were two of my favorite mid round receivers available when they took Reid and because Reid was never a huge contributor in college.

Overall Grade