• Connor Smith

Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Review

Ravens 2020 Draft Review

Connor Smith

The 2020 NFL draft was an absolute masterpiece for the Ravens. Everytime it was their turn to pick they had the exact player they needed available. They did a great job and got a few guys who should become stars or at least healthy NFL contributors.

Pick 28

Patrick Queen: The Ravens have had a lot of success drafting middle linebackers in the first round in the past. That being said, Queen is nothing like Ray Lewis or C.J. Mosley. Queen is a smaller, quicker player with safety size. He can cover the run from sideline to sideline and can drop into coverage. He should have no trouble covering Tight Ends in man to man and will have a lot of success rushing the quarterback when given the chance. Queen is going to be a very good linebacker in the NFL and I think he is going to be a star.

Pick 55

J.K. Dobbins: I love this pick so much. I did a player profile before the draft on J.K. and I watched most of his games during the season. I thought of a few places that would be great for him to learn from a similar back to himself while still getting the chance to show off his one cut ability. Baltimore rose my list more and more as the draft was nearing. Ingram and J.K. are so unbelievably similar and of all the places that can use him early while still allowing him to learn this could be the best fit. I think Dobbins turns into a pro bowler here within 5 years.

Pick 71

Justin Madubuike: This pick should be talked about way more. The Ravens got a top 3 defensive tackle after trading back in the 3rd round. Ranked behind Kinlaw and Brown only by me, they got an absolute steal. The Ravens fill another massive hole on defense here with Madubuike and get an aforementioned steal in the process.

Pick 92

Devin Duvernay: I think this is the 2nd best 2nd tier receiver the Ravens could have gotten in the draft. I loved K.J. Hamler and his 4.27 40 speed for an offense like this. That speed is the type to keep DCs up at night. Hamler was gone even before their first 2nd round pick so no mistake was made here. They somehow got one of the most productive receivers in this year's class all the way at pick 92 and he even has 4.39 speed. His route running needs work but he will make screens and other iterations in this offense so fun to watch.

Pick 98

Malik Harrison: The Ravens continue to add to the defensive front, and they get a great pass rusher here. He has average instincts, and limitations in coverage. He probably won’t ever be a 3 down linebacker and may not make a massive impact next year. I think he can learn over this next year and he will be able to contribute on special teams.

Pick 106

Tyre Phillips: I thought they needed a tackle and they got one here. He played in the tough SEC and gave up 2 tackles all year. The Ravens think he is going to play Guard next year as they hope he can make the transition. He has the power to succeed there and I think he has a good chance to become a great contributor on the Ravens O-line.

Pick 143

Ben Bredeson: They got a Guard here too. It’s a great move to get protection for the 2019 NFL MVP. Harbaugh’s brother coached Bredeson and Ben is open to playing center as well as guard. Another smart pick.

Pick 170

Broderick Washington Jr.: The Ravens were horrible up front and have now added 4 new guys to the interior D-line through free agency and the draft. Washington is a smaller lineman who plays hard, tough, gritty defense and wins in the trenches.

Pick 201

James Proche: The Ravens get the most productive, catch wise, receiver in the last two years. He caught 204 passes over the last two years and he has absolute sleeper ability. We have an article on the site about his sleeper ability so give that a read! Proche only seems to have average athleticism but his main ability is winning balls in traffic and at the point of the catch. He adds another wrinkle to the already great offense.

Pick 219

Geno Stone: The Ravens got “the most underrated” player in the draft according to Pro Football Focus. He’s got a reputation as a tough hitter but he is not a great tackler and that needs to be fixed. He adds depth and definitely has the chance to become one of the biggest steals of the draft.

Overall Review

Such an amazing draft for the Ravens. They did not miss a single pick. They didn’t make any big mistakes but they still managed to take some good risks. I loved everything they did and it’s going to be tough to pick the worst pick.

Best Pick: I want to say Queen here but I absolutely love J.K. Dobbins so much after the great season and after the film I got to watch. I think J.K. Dobbins fits perfectly with the Ravens and he is going to be so good and learn so much from Mark Ingram.

Worst Pick: I literally don’t think the Ravens have a pick I would grade under a B-. That being said I didn’t love the Bredeson pick if I’m being honest. Like I said though, the lowest I would rate that pick is B- because they are building an O-line to protect the MVP and there is very little wrong with that.

Overall Grade: A