• Dylan Tice

NFL Bold Predictions For The 2019 Season

Welcome to the Fantasy Football State Of Mind website! With how successful our Instagram page has gotten over the last couple of years, Rob and I decided it was time to expand our advice and make a website! With that being said, we look forward to bringing you daily articles from us and our 4 new writers Donovan Mohan, Dom Ruggeri, RJ Soliz, and Bailey Burns. Without further ado, let's get into our staff's bold predictions of the 2019 season!

1) Dylan Tice: Lamar Jackson Will Finish As A Top-7 Fantasy QB In 2019-

If you have kept up with me throughout the offseason, you already know that Lamar Jackson is my "ride-or-die" this offseason. Jackson started the last 7 regular-season games in 2018 and boy was he a fantasy stud. During the 7 game span, he was the QB7 overall, notably finishing ahead of QB's like Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees.

A huge pro in Lamar Jackson's game is his rushing ability. In the 7 games he started last year, Jackson averaged 79 rushing yards per game. If you times the 79 yards per game by a full season of 16 games, that would project Jackson to run for 1,264 yards. That crazy amount of rushing yards would have put him behind just Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley for rushing yards in 2018.

The Ravens helped the outlook of Lamar Jackson as a passer this offseason, bringing in Mark Ingram, Justice Hill, Marquise Brown, and Miles Boykin will surely help the offense.

HC John Harbaugh also mentioned throughout the offseason that Jackson has improved his throwing mechanics, which was considered Jackson's weakest skill set. All and all, Jackson was drafted all offseason outside the top-15 QB's and I can guarantee you that he will be drafted as a top-10 fantasy QB in 2020.

2) RJ Soliz: Vance Mcdonald Finishes As A Top-3 TE In 2019-

With Antonio Brown being out of the picture, and Juju Smith-Schuster being the only guaranteed target magnet in the Pittsburgh Steelers offense, I can see Vance Mcdonald having a monster year in 2019.

The Steelers have been a run-and-gun style offense for a substantial amount of years now, and I don't think the departure of Antonio Brown will stop that from happening again this season. An absurd 207 targets have opened up with AB and Jesse James skipping town, which brings plenty of opportunity for the Steelers TE.

If you combine James and Mcdonald's 2018 stats, it would equal 80/1,033/6 which would have put the Steelers TE as the TE4 in 2018. I'm predicting that he finishes with a stat-line of 75/1,000/10, which should easily catapult him as a top-3 TE in 2019.

3) Dom Ruggeri: Jared Goff Will Finish As A Top-5 QB-

I'd sure like to be the first to coin the phrase "Jared Goff Syndrome". This is when a player is constantly ranked outside the top-12 in draft rankings, examples: Goff, Carson, etc, yet you always put him in your top-10 or higher every week. Think about it like this. Goff was drafted as the QB12 on average throughout the offseason, and thanks to being in an elite offense and having an easy SOS on the year, no one will dare put Goff outside their top-10 on a week to week basis, except maybe against the Chicago Bears.

From Weeks 1-11 (when Todd Gurley and Cooper Kupp were healthy), Jared Goff was the QB2 overall, only trailing Patrick Mahomes. After he lost Gurley and Kupp, Goff's numbers went down an awful margin, but still managed to finish as the QB7 overall in fantasy.

With Todd Gurley dealing with his arthritic knee, it's expected that Goff will be forced to throw more in the red zone than he did in 2018. With Kupp officially a 100% and Todd Gurley expected to lose some goal-line work, I don't see how Goff doesn't finish as a top-5 fantasy QB this year.

4) Dylan Tice: Kerryon Johnson Will Not Be A Top-20 In 2019-

I honestly don't see this as a bold take but it seems as if the entire fantasy community is head over heels for the 2nd year back on the Detroit Lions. If we're being honest here, Kerryon was disappointing as a rookie. He missed the last 6 weeks of the season due to injury but even before that, he was a letdown. From Weeks 1-11, he had one week where he finished as a top-10 fantasy RB. The most important stat to know during that span is that Kerryon had 7 games where he finished outside the top-20 fantasy running backs on the week.

So he had one great game last year and he's being drafted as the RB15 ahead of guys like Sony Michel, Aaron Jones, and David Montgomery. Makes no sense right?

Lastly, we have to factor in that Kerryon himself said last year in training camp as a rookie that he will never be a 3-down back in the NFL. With that statement, it makes sense why the Lions targeted Malcolm Brown early on and ultimately signed CJ Anderson, who looked amazing for the Rams last year.

5) Bailey Burns: The New England Patriots Win It All Once Again-

I believe the Patriots will win the franchise's 7th Super Bowl in 2019-2020 for a couple of reasons. Every year, every offseason, it seems as if the Patriots are counted out simply because Tom Brady continues to get older. Well, what does Tom Brady continue to do? Silence the critics.

Tom Brady will have a ton of weapons at his disposal in 2019 with safety blanket Julian Edelman, a reinstated Josh Gordon, fellow free agent signing Demaryius Thomas, and how could we forget about the talented running back committee in James White and Sony Michel. A sneaky player to watch out for later in the season is Ben Watson who is serving a 4-game suspension for violating the league's rules about PED's.

The Patriots defense has continued to be written off for years but always find themselves in doing just enough to win football games. It was amazing to watch them hold the Los Angeles Rams to just 3 points in Super Bowl LIII, especially since the Rams averaged 30 points per game in 2018.

It's worth noting that I think bringing back veteran Jamie Collins was an underrated signing. Collins spent 3 years with the Patriots before they traded him to the Cleveland Browns in 2016. His veteran leadership will provide great value to the defensive side of the ball.