• rjsoliz23

New York Giants Draft Recap

Overall Grade: A

The New York Giants had a plethora of needs going into the 2020 NFL Draft, and still have a number of holes to fill after the fact, but they did a good job of building towards the future. After going 4-12 last season and missing the playoffs for the 8th time since 2010, the Giants are looking for a clean slate. With Saquon Barkley in the backfield, and Daniel Jones under center, they seem to have found two key pieces of their future, and the 2020 draft might've brought in even more.

With the 4th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Andrew Thomas, an offensive tackle out of the University of Georgia. Thomas was the first offensive lineman off the board, which may have come as a surprise as Tristan Wirfs and Jedrick Wills were still available. A lot of draft boards saw Wills, Wirfs and Thomas as the top 3 tackles in the draft, each with different strengths and weaknesses that shuffled their positioning in the rankings, but Thomas should be a great starting tackle for a long time in New York. I don't see this becoming another Ereck Flowers situation for the Giants, and in no way do I see this blowing up in their face. Thomas comes from a great home and has been praised for his work ethic and having a great head on his shoulders. This was a great pick by New York.

Pick Grade: A-

With the 4th pick in the 2nd round the New York Giants selected Xavier McKinney out of Alabama. This was a fantastic pick for the Giants who need safety help desperately. New York had been searching for secondary help for a while and ended up signing 35 year old safety Antoine Bethea, who has seen better days as an NFL starter. McKinney brings amazing versatility to the table as well as a great football I.Q. McKinney can line up almost anywhere and in almost any package. He doesn't have great top-end speed but can make up for it with his instincts on defense. He times his plays greatly and contests almost any ball that is thrown in his area. He was the best safety in the draft according to a lot of mock drafts and the fact that he fell to the Giants in the 2nd round is surprising. The pairing of Jabrill Peppers and Xavier McKinney will create a very good young duo for the Giants to develop for years to come.

Pick Grade: A+

With the 99th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Matt Peart out of the University of Connecticut. Peart comes to New York with a body expertly designed to play tackle in the NFL. At 6'7 and 310 pounds, he has a great frame to work with. Peart also has exceptional mobility at tackle, especially with the frame he was given. After swapping from guard to tackle, Peart still has some learning to do if he wants to become a starting caliber tackle in the league. I don't see the Giants letting Peart start right away, unless they would rather him develop instead of keeping Nate Solder on the field. His skills right now need some attention, but his potential in years to come is intriguing.

Pick Grade: B+

With their 4th pick in the draft, the Giants selected Darnay Holmes out of UCLA. Holmes has great upside in the 4th round for the Giants and brings good technique to the secondary of New York. Holmes shows great speed and quickness on defense but sometimes doesn't like to get his hands dirty and get in on a play. Although he can tackle with power when he wants to. Holmes shows good control when in coverage and has good hip turn when running with the receiver. If Holmes can work on his craft and develop well, the Giants may have found themselves a sleeper.

Along with the first four picks for the Giants this year, they also drafted Shand Lemieux out of Oregon. Lemieux is an offensive guard who, at this point, is mainly just depth for the Giants roster, but who will be able to fill in, if needed, for an injured player. They also selected Cam Brown out of Penn State in the 6th round. Brown brings enticing late-round potential and deserves an opportunity to develop his skillset. Brown is a guy to keep an eye on. The Giants took Carter Coughlin with their first pick in the seventh round and he should also be somebody you keep an eye on. During his time at Minnesota, Coughlin was a very productive player that brought a little bit of versatility to the edge position as he was asked to pass rush, set an edge, and drop into coverage. The Giants took T.J. Brunson out of South Carolina with the 24th pick of the seventh round. Brunson has a lot to work on before he makes an impact on the field. He may be best used as a pass rusher as he did make some noise while blitzing. Chris Williamson was next on the Giants list as they took the corner out of Minnesota. He doesn't have a very high ceiling and profiles as an aggressive slot corner on the next level. Mr. Irrelevant for the Giants was Tae Crowder out of Georgia. Crowder seems to be out on a lot of passing downs which may give away the fact that his cover skills lack ability. But he may be an early down sub linebacker if he makes the team.

All together I think the Giants did a great job addressing major needs in the draft. Getting two immediate starters is a good place to be after a draft and the potential of Peart and Holmes is great. The Giants had one of my favorite drafts this year and they seem to be headed in the right direction.