• Armaan Sodhi

Most Underrated Player: Miami Dolphins

Devante Parker

As bad as I want to put Preston Williams here, I am worried about his ACL injury and especially with Covid-19, how he will recover from it. However, Parker is criminally underdrafted given his performance in the last year.

Last season, Parker finally broke out and had a huge season with 72 receptions, 1202 yards and 9 touchdowns. He finished 11th in PPR scoring and 6th in non-ppr. In PPR leagues, however, he is being drafted as the 28th receiver off the board going in the 6th round.This is INSANE value. He was a fringe wide receiver one last season and is now going as a low wide receiver two in drafts.

This could allow some people to go running back heavy and also potentially get a quarterback like Mahomes or Lamar, and still get a potential WR1 later in the draft, without having to worry about reaching for a receiver early.

Parker wasn't on the best situation last season but still performed. He excels at the deep ball as he the fifth most deep targets in the league, but still is great in the redone as well as he had 8 red zone receptions, 18th in the league. He had one of the worse catchable target rates with 72.7%, 82nd in the league and target quality rating was ranked 50th in the league.

However, Parker is a playmaker and ranked 11th in drops and 8th in contested catch rate as he doesn't produce a lot of separation from the corner. Much of this could be on the quarterback as the ball placement may make parker have to track back, but Parker does need to improve on his route running.

With the Dolphins also bringing in Tua Tagovailoa(if he plays), who excels at the deep ball, which happens to be Devante Parkers speciality. He averaged 16.7 yards per reception with a terrible Miami offense last season. Now that they have beefed up the offensive line and gotten a great quarterback, Parker should see more opportunity in the deep game as well as more opportunity overall to make plays.

The Dolphins will be down in a lot of games this season as they are a young team that is developing, which means they will have to throw the ball a lot more, giving Parker more opportunity.

He is a steal in the draft and should be drafted if left on the board going into the 6th round.