• Asher Jacobs

Most Underrated Player: Denver Broncos

Initially, I didn't want to pick Drew Lock as my most underrated or undervalued fantasy player on the Broncos for the 2020 season. I wanted to choose someone else, because there are so many options on this team. From Melvin Gordon to Noah Fant to Courtland Sutton to Jerry Jeudy to Philip Lindsay to KJ Hamler. But when it came down to it, the plethora of weapons on this Broncos offense, wound up being the reason this article is going to be about the second year Quarterback out of Missouri. It's hard to find an offense in the league that has more promise and potential than the Denver Broncos do, and although they may not make that leap this season, it will surely happen soon.

Our last two NFL MVP's have been second year quarterbacks, and the most likely candidates to continue that trend would have to be either Kyler Murray, or Drew Lock, with these new weapons he's acquired. He's got a route technician who just knows how to get open in Jerry Jeudy, a speedster type deep threat in KJ Hamler, a go up and get it/all around stud in Courtland Sutton, a reliable, young tight end in Noah Fant, and a seriously good run game to round it all off. Lock has a huge arm, and should be able to sling it all around the field. Lord knows, if you play in the same division as the Chiefs and plan on making any noise, you're gonna have to put up some serious numbers.

Lock's current ADP in ESPN drafts is 175, which means he's actually going undrafted in the majority of 10 team leagues. Granted, it's not even July yet, so a lot can change, and he's definitely going to climb a bit from that 175 spot. For now at least, Lock going undrafted is highway robbery. I think any quarterback in the National Football League with weapons like these is worth a fantasy roster spot, much less one that showed flashes of greatness as a rookie with nowhere near the same type of weapons. Jimmy Garoppolo has an average draft position higher than Drew Lock does in PPR leagues. Lock is a dark horse MVP candidate, so he likely won't be in contention for the award this year, but there's a chance. Both Mahomes and Lamar were being taken very late in fantasy football drafts at the start of their MVP years, so if you want a potential MVP in the 15th or 16th round, look no further than the gunslinger out of Mizzou.

Drew had a record of 4-1 in the games he started for the Broncos last season, and had a third down passer rating of 117, which is 30 points higher than the NFL average, which sat at 87. The Broncos have been deep in the bottom half of the league in third down conversion for almost a decade, so this stat alone is leading Broncos fans to believe that Drew Lock may be the answer they've been looking for since Peyton. Lock is already showing that he comes correct during the game's biggest moments, and this is something that he should only build on as a second year starter.

The Broncos certainly believe in building around Lock, as they spent their top two draft picks this year, and their first selection in 2019 on offensive weapons to place around the man. John Elway sees something In Lock, and if you ask me, we only got a glimpse of it in his rookie season. Drew Lock is poised for a breakout season, and he's currently going undrafted in ESPN fantasy leagues, the majority of people don't even believe that the man's worth a roster spot. Ridiculous! Believe me, I'll be scooping up Drew Lock as my number 2 QB in all my leagues, and would feel comfortable having him as my starter week 1.