• Connor Smith

Most Underrated Player: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys 2020 MUPOT

By: Connor Smith


As you have seen on the website we are all writing about a certain team’s MUPOT or Most Underrated Player On Team. This week I have the Dallas Cowboys. The team that consistently is predicted to win their division and ends up 8-8 in the end. They have all the talent in the league on offense and a very underrated defense. Dak is not worth what he is requesting but he is worth a little more than some QB’s in the league and he is seeking such a large contract because the TV agreements and all will be going up and he may get screwed if he goes somewhere around 25 mil with other QBs getting more once the market changes. They have a top 5 running back, and 3 awesome receivers and a quality O-line. This team is set to win 11 games this year but don’t be surprised when they don’t.


Like I’ve said, the Cowboys have a lot of talent, especially on offense. Many of their players are rated well and while I do believe that CeeDee Lamb is an extremely talented player I believe he is overrated. His overrating in drafts and most leagues is leading to CSU product Micheal Gallup being underrated heavily.

Micheal Gallup

The Cowboys didn’t need to pick Lamb but when he was available with their first round pick he has the talent that can’t be passed up on. He is absolutely amazing and unbelievably talented, that being said, I don’t think that he has the effect or the abilities in his rookie year that he is being taken at. He is being drafted at 38th right now which is fair in a dynasty league but not in a one year league in my mind. Not with all those weapons. Lamb’s adp and projections are hurting Gallup a lot in ADP and how people are viewing him. Gallup finished last year as the 28th best receiver in the NFL. He’s now being drafted as the 31st receiver. I understand that Lamb will take some receptions from Gallup and Cooper was relatively hurt part of the year but Gallup is still rising as a player and I watched him throughout college. He was just better, Rashard Higgins for the Browns had better stats for CSU 3 years earlier (coincidentally his sophomore year he had better stats in every category than Amari Cooper but couldn’t get drafted and that turned out to be lucky for the early drafting teams looking for receivers as he has become kind of lost with the Browns) that being said, Gallup dominated college defensive backs in a way I have only seen one other time by now senior Warren Jackson for CSU as well. See the difference there is Jackson in 6’6”, 215, and runs a 4.5 or less 40. Gallup is 6’1’ 205 and ran a 4.51 at the combine. Gallup had to find other ways to dominate. The teams he played weren’t as good and he didn’t get looked at much so you may not know this but the way that Jerry Juedy has been described as a route runner is similar to Gallup. I’ve actually watched both of their films a lot recently and there are many similarities. Jeudy is faster and honestly all around more athletic but not by much. Here’s where their games come together for me. Both of them could not and cannot just rely on speed and athleticism to get them open and catch the ball, they both have uncanny feet, and top 20 route running in the NFL. Gallup doesn’t get talked about as much as he should still and I think once you see Jeudy play in the NFL you’ll realize that the Cowboys found themselves their own Jerry Juedy in the 3rd round.


As I’ve said already, Gallup is the 31st receiver off the board right now according to fantasypros.com. This after a season where he finished 3 spots ahead of that. He has the 5th easiest receiver schedule in the NFL and his new coach MIke McCarthy has a way of making elite route runners and receivers with elite footwork into stars. Lamb’s presence will hurt Gallup but with people projecting him to become 3rd on the totem pole this year even without workouts being allowed because of COVID is crazy to me. Lamb will not have much work in with Dak before the season starts and we saw what Gallup was able to do without Cooper last year. He and Dak have a great connection. I just don’t see drafting him behind Lamb in anything but a dynasty league as a good idea.


With Lamb there Gallup will lose receptions but I actually see a rise in touchdowns coming. Last year he his stats looked like this: Rec, yards, ypr, long, TD’s

66 1,107 16.8 62 6

I’m thinking that this year he ends up somewhere around this: Rec, yards, ypr, long, TD’s

59 1,062 18 55 8

That’s a damn good year and it’s extremely attainable with a better team and more improvement as he reaches the peak of his career starting this year.

Final Wrap

Yes, CeeDee Lamb’s presence will hurt Gallup a bit but Gallup and CeeDee aren’t the same receiver and shouldn’t be receiving the same opportunities. Gallup dominated on footwork and route running and that is something that won’t ever go out of style in the NFL. All receivers should try to master those skills because if you can do that as a receiver you have a spot on a team and you have a large impact on that team. Gallup is someone that I targeted before the draft and will still be targeting after the draft.