• Connor Smith

Most Underrated Player: Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals MUPOT

By: Connor Smith


As you will see on the site all of us are doing MUPOT or “Most Underrated Player On Team” for our teams. For this article I will be covering the Bengals. Cincinnati is an interesting team, they had a good, not great, draft and have a few quality fantasy players already on the roster. Tyler Boyd was a great pick for this player in the last few years but at this point I don’t find him to be too much of an underrated player. I actually considered A.J. Green heavily for this. The only reason I didn’t is because I am really not sure at all if he is even healthy enough to survive another entire season in the NFL.


My choice for the Bengals most underrated fantasy player for 2020-2021 is Tee Higgins. The 33rd overall pick in the NFL Draft was in the conversation to be a first round receiver but fell to 33. It seems this caused a large amount of people counting him out or not putting him in the same conversation as players like Raegor or Brandon Ayuik.

Tee Higgins

Tee Higgins was a great receiver for the last two years with a great QB throwing him the ball. He goes into a place who is going to start with a new quarterback as well. He is an absolutely amazing jump ball receiver. While Joe Burrow may not have an unbelievable arm, he does have unbelievable accuracy and can throw a beautiful back shoulder fade and jump ball. Those two types of balls were two of Higgins' main yard and touchdown producers. He and Burrow really have a chance to grow and dominate defenses together for years.


His ADP right now is 75 of the receivers according to fantasypros.com. Listen to some of the receivers being drafted before him… Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, and Anthony Miller are just a few guys being picked ahead of him in most drafts. If you have a choice between Anthony Miller who has never been a great fantasy receiver and has Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles as his quarterback. If you’re at the point in the draft where you are considering Anthony Miller and Tee Higgins is still on the board it should be a no brainer. Higgins has potential and abilities that fit Joe Burrow perfectly, Anthony Miller has a low ceiling and a low floor and both are relatively projectable from his past in Matt Nagy’s system and with his QB’s.


Higgins most likely won’t have 1000 yards receiving this year if we are being honest. That being said, his jump ball ability and his dominance on smaller corners will be fun to watch and those abilities will hopefully allow him to become one of the best red zone targets in the NFL if given the chance. Like I said, Joe Burrow’s accuracy on those types of throws could be amazing for a team without a great red zone threat if A.J. Green has health problems again. Even if Green is on the field, Higgins could be an awesome receiver to have opposite him with the main CB most likely shadowing Green.


Overall, the Bengals didn’t have too many great fantasy players, though their defense has a bunch of awesome underrated players at every position, especially cornerback. The Bengals have 3 good receivers though and it seems Higgins is getting lost in most talks. Higgins while he isn’t a crazy speedy guy or a super high jumper he wins jump balls and gets open. With more work in the future he could be a WR1 and I think he actually would be an amazing player to get late in a dynasty league if you are in one. If not he will most likely be a touchdown dependent receiver next year but he also should get a large amount of chances.