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Zack Moss - Buffalo Bills

Current ADP Comparison

Prior to the NFL Draft, Devin Singletary was in line to be a full-time workload, but due to the selection of Zack Moss in the 3rd round all hopes seem to be shattered…or are they?

Fantasy Mojo ADP Pre NFL Draft: Singletary RB17 Fantasy Mojo Current ADP: Singletary RB24 + Moss RB48

Draft Capital

2019 NFL Draft: Devin Singletary - Round 3 Pick 10

2020 NFL Draft: Zack Moss - Round 3 Pick 22

For evaluating crowded backfields draft capital is beneficial, but for this backfield there really is no argument as they hold similar draft capital.

Following the NFL Draft, Sean McDermott stated that Moss would fill in Frank Gore's role and has the ability to do more. Let's take a look at the comparison between Singletary and Gore last season.

Shown above is a complete game log of all basic stats and snaps for Devin Singletary and Frank Gore in the 2019/2020 season. As you can see the per game gaps for each stat were not as big as you may think. Singletary was much more efficient, but Zack Moss isn't a 36 year old first and second down grinder.

The key to Moss' fantasy value is going to come in the red zone.

Shown above are the red zone rushes that each running back got in certain zones inside the 20. Due to Singletary's size and weight combo the Bills had to feed Gore in the Red zone and if Moss is filling in Gore's role then he should have nice touchdown upside.

When identifying value in the later rounds we need to look for easy paths to a solid snap share of the backfield and if we are speculating that Moss fills in for the vacated spot of Frank Gore then Moss is a screaming value in the 11th round. In situations like these, taking the cheaper runner back in a 50/50 time share and profit on the value.