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Most Overrated Player: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Published by Michael Garrity Chris Godwin. Mike Evans. Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski. Believe me, I’m shocked that this is a real offense, and not a Madden Ultimate Team. The Buccaneers offense will have defenses shaking in their cleats for 2020, as arguably the best football player to ever play the game has some of the best weapons in football. With two top-ten wideouts, a TE he’s trusted his entire career, and a good O-line, Brady can very well lead this team far into the playoffs. For fantasy purposes, one of these players isn’t in the greatest position to excel. That would be Rob Gronkowski. 

Gronkowski can be classified as one of the biggest wild cards heading into the 2020 season. We all know how good his connection with Brady is, as he has three super bowls to show for it. However, those three super bowls didn’t have Bruce Arians as the head coach. I am referencing Arians because of his history with producing mediocre to below average fantasy Tight ends. 

Heath Miller, ever heard of him? That was the last and only top-20 TE that Bruce Arians ever produced. Miller's finish wasn’t particularly fascinating either, as he placed 19th in fantasy points. Since 2010, that is the only TE in a Bruce Arian system to come into the top-20. Let’s not forget, Arians came into Tampa Bay in 2019 with an elite TE in OJ Howard at his disposal. He managed to turn a top-five TE in 2018 into a bottom 25 player. He cracked double-digit fantasy points three times, and scored 0 fantasy points on two occasions. I don’t think Gronk will turn into that type of player, but his target share and production will go down considering the system he is in. He also has other mouth’s to feed in Godwin and Evans.

Along with a bottom twelve team schedule, as well as the eleventh hardest TE schedule, the risk outweighs the reward for me. Gronk is currently going in rounds five-seven. For the 2020 season, I would prefer players like Andrews or Waller in the fourth-fifth round. Those two are almost certain to finish as top-five TE’s this year. Gronk has the potential to be a force this year and a key player in the Bucs offense. For fantasy, I will be avoiding him. If he is your TE1, keep this stat in mind: Gronkowski hasn’t played a full sixteen games in his career since 2011.