• Asher Jacobs

Most Overrated Player: San Francisco 49ers

The defending NFC champion 49ers have a high powered offense and an even higher powered defense. There are a number of fantasy relevant players on the team for us to choose between as the most overvalued or overrated, but this article is going to be a bit different. Today, we're going to talk about why the 49ers defense is the most criminally overvalued asset on the team in 2020 fantasy leagues. In ESPN drafts, the 49ers defense is currently being drafted 74th overall. Yes, the 49ers defense is being drafted in the 8th round of fantasy drafts at the moment. Not only is it almost impossible for the 49ers defense to return you that type of value, but you there's a huge probability that you'll be able to select a better defense in the last round of your drafts.

Niners fans, I'm sorry, but I had to choose this picture. It fit too well for me to just pass up on it. Let's talk value in fantasy football. By the 74th pick in ESPN drafts, you are either looking at drafting somewhere around the 30th wide receiver/running back, or the 7th tight end/quarterback. On average, the 7th best quarterback in a fantasy season scores 300 points, while the average number 1 defense scores just under 200 points a season. You can get said average number one defense on the waiver wire in more seasons than not. So, even if you knew that the 49ers were going to perform up to their ADP, and finish as the number one defense in all of fantasy in 2020, they are still not going to return anywhere near enough value to invest an 8th round pick in them in a 10 man league.

In 2019, the 49ers defense was the 3rd best fantasy defense in the league. Over the last 9 seasons, there have been 0 teams to finish in the top 3 one season, and then become the number one defense the next. Matter of fact, on average, the number one defense in a given year, was the number 16 defense the season before. So, in an average fantasy football season, the number one defense goes undrafted, yet you're still selecting the 49ers defense 74th overall? We've clarified that even a number one finish for the 49ers would not justify that draft price, and that the number one defense this season will not be the 49ers if the last 9 fantasy seasons tell us anything. So please, do yourself a favor, and take Julian Edelman, Ronald Jones II, Marquise Brown, or Michael Gallup with that pick, as they will be great investments for your team.

The 49ers have a great defense, probably the most talented in the league if not the Chargers, but the number one defense in fantasy this season will be a dark horse, as it has been for the last 9 seasons. And even if the 9ers do somehow turn out as the number one defense, that still won't benefit your fantasy team compared with who you passed up on when you select them. It's never a good idea to draft a defense before the last round of your draft, and you're doing everyone else in your league a favor when you do. If you learned one thing from this article, walk away from here knowing that the number one defense this year will be a waiver wire snag, and even if the 9ers are the number one, it's not worth it. Tons of top 15 fantasy wide receivers and running backs are selected in the 7th round and later, so ask yourself, are you willing to pass up on last year's Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, or Miles Sanders, just for a defense that likely won't even outperform it's 2019 season? Think about it.