• Connor Smith

Most Overrated Player On Team: Los Angeles Rams

Most Overrated Player On Team: Los Angeles Rams

By: Connor Smith

The Rams offense is super talented. They have solid receivers between Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Josh Reynolds. Cam Akers was my overrated guy before I looked at ADP but with him being drafted around the 28th RB I see that as a good place for him. He’s very talented and while I don’t see him going crazy this year, I do see him having a solid year with the real opportunity to grow into the role that Gurley filled for a few years when in his peak. I think Goff is a good QB with high level abilities and some large problems but all in all a quality QB and an average fantasy QB. My pick for most overrated fantasy player is Tyler Higbee.

Tyler is a good receiving tight end. He ended up as the 10th best Tight End in 2019. With just that info his ADP of 10 in 2020 seems to be a good place but once you realize that most of his production came in the last 5 games with injuries to the receiving core and a completely abandoned running game. This year the Rams look to have both top 30 receivers and a top 50-70 receiver all healthy with a running game that so far looks like it should be actually utilized this year. All of that just bodes for a worse season than he had last year.

Higbee’s stats last year consisted of 734 yards receiving on 69 receptions. A really great season. The tough part about it is that the last 5 games accounted for over 70% of those yards. His last 5 games accounted for 422 yards on 45 receptions or an average of 84.4 yards per game. His other 10 games on the season accounted for 312 yards on 24 receptions or an average of 31.2 yards a game.

In general I just think there is better Tight Ends out there and they can be taken later in most drafts. If you are running a strategy I usually use of taking a tight end late and looking for true value and there have been 11 or 12 TE’s taken then look at Tyler as a guy. Even in that situation he is overrated in my mind. He was on the waiver wire most of the year last year for a reason. Last year the Rams were expected to use their running game and they had a similar looking receiving core. My main goal is to make sure you don’t waste a pick on a TE in a place where you could get a productive bench player with upside.