• Connor Smith

Most Overrated Player On Team: Chiefs

Most Overrated Player On Team Baltimore Ravens

By: Connor Smith


As you have seen on the website we are all writing about a certain team’s MOPOT or Most Overrated Player On Team. This week I have the Baltimore Ravens. A team that ran into the buzzsaw that was the Titans in the playoffs. They are talented and I got to write about them and their draft and it was amazing. They built up their receiving core and got a really talented Linebacker. With an A+ draft and a team that was already star studded and a favorite in the AFC. They are set for a good season.


The Ravens have a lot of talent and I am very torn on who I think is overrated. I wanted to go with Mark Ingram but after looking at his ADP at 26 and the fact that that seems like a good spot for him with Dobbins there now (ADP 29). Neither of their main receivers are being drafted very early and Mark Andrews is valued well with an ADP of 3rd. My final conclusion was actually Lamar Jackson. I had Lamar in my leagues last year and I got him very late in drafts as my back up mainly. He then carried my team for the entire year. That being said, I think he is barely overrated on ADP as of now.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is a top 5 QB in the NFL. It’d be almost impossible to argue against that after the number 1 season he had last year (Though ESPN did so last night on Instagram which I thought was interesting but I think they meant real league value rather than fantasy). Lamar is a running quarterback. There are QB’s like Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and Kyler Murray, who I will get to later, who can run but are better throwers and don’t lean on running as a massive part of their game. Lamar is a running quarterback, he contrary to beliefs, can throw as well. He is not an elite arm talent or an elite accurate thrower, he however makes up for that fantasy wise by his elite ability to run. If you know a lot about Josh Allen and what made him the 6th best fantasy QB last year then you’d see the many similarities in their games. They’re not above average in accuracy or arm talent by any means but they can get it done with their arms enough that their legs will make up for that missing arm talent. (LAMAR IS BETTER THAN ALLEN)


As of now, Lamar is going at 1.5 ADP for quarterbacks according to FantasyPros.com. That is tied with Patrick Mahomes for 1st. I just don’t see that as the correct place. My hot take for this year in terms of QB’s is that Kyler Murray ends as the 2nd best QB. Kyler has ELITE arm talent. Murray is the only QB in the NFL who is in the same ZIP code as Patrick Mahomes in terms of arm talent. People don’t understand that and are underrating him so much. I believe he and just maybe Russell Wilson will finish ahead of Lamar this year in the QB ranks.


I don’t hate Lamar, I actually love watching him play. The thing is, I am being bearish about him because I am not sure that he throws as much or as well this year as he did last year. His running will stay the same this year. Honestly I think that it will actually be better. He has J.K. Dobbins on the roster now as well as Mark Ingram. I got to write about J.K. pre-draft and he is the perfect RB for this team. He and Lamar’s read options will be amazing for both of them. J.K. is a great runner when he gets room to speed up and is in a situation to be the one cut runner that he is. They will play off each other even more than Ingram and Jackson did last year so if you can get Dobbins, with Ingram on the board I would go Dobbins 100% of the time. Especially in a dynasty league.

Final Wrap

Baltimore will be amazing to watch this year. Again, I don’t think that Lamar is horribly overrated but I do think he is being overdrafted right now. If you have Lamar or Kyler on the board, go Kyler. I just believe in drafting the way that you want to work the stock market. Buy low, sell high, and find the things you’re looking for at a cheap price. Lamar’s price is too high for me right now. He is a stock that has been built by hype with some performance. I would rather find that for cheaper in Kyler or find someone like Russell Wilson if I’m looking for QB’s who have proved year in year out that they are star fantasy players.