• Armaan Sodhi

Most Overrated Player: New York Jets

I truly believe every New York Jets player being drafted is going in a fair spot. All 4 of them. I am going to base this off the one player I believe will disappoint many in 2020. This player is Breshad Perriman.

Breshad Perriman has completely turned his career around and kudos to him. He balled out towards the end off the season. He put up 105.9 points with 21.18 points per game. However, a third of those points came from one game and throughout the season he put up 141.1 points. He had 3 games where he was held scoreless and 8 games under 5.5 points. Mike Evans was also injured for 3 of those games as well freeing up around 10 more targets a game.

Perriman is viewed as a deep threat and put up these stats due to Winston, being a good deep thrower and also, a stupid quarterback forcing the ball down the field. Perriman had a quarterback who was willing to throw the deep ball and when doing so was accurate (sometimes, its James Winston).

He will now go into the Robby Anderson role of this team with Jamison Crowder being the slot receiver and Denzel Mims playing opposite of Perriman. Anderson finished as the WR-40, but was very inconsistent. He had 7 games under 5.5 points, but he also had a 5 game stretch towards the end of the season in which he balled out (3 against bottom 20 defenses).

With the upgrades the Jets made to the offensive line, Darnold will have more time to sit in the pocket and let the deep ball develop, but also, they added Denzel Mims, who is arguably one of the most talented receivers in the draft, who will demand his share of targets as well. I expect Crowder to be this teams number one receiver.

Now, his ADP is in the 15th round. Would I take a chance on him? ABSOLUTELY. However, I am saying not to expect the same 5 stretch performance for next season. Sam Darold still needs to prove himself as a quarterback and he doesn't force the deep ball. Perriman will still have his moments and if Darnold develops, Perriman could be a high WR3 across the season. However like most deep threats, he will be inconsistent so be weary when playing him.