• Connor Smith

Most Overrated Player: New York Giants

Most Overrated Player On Team: New York Giants

By: Connor Smith


As you have seen on the website we are all writing about a certain team’s MOPOT or Most Overrated Player On Team. This week I have the New York Giants. The Giants aren’t going to be as good as any of the teams I’ve looked at. Daniel Jones is growing and has actually shown a large amount of flashes of greatness. He’s also shown a hell of a lot of flashes of a young QB who still has so far to go. Saquon is their main star talent and draw. Barkley is every bit as talented as he is said to be and as his ADP says. He has a real chance of becoming the number 1 RB this year ahead of Christian McCaffrey if things go right with their O-Line. The receiving core has talent but it is built on a few guys who have been drafted as contributors for many years and not a single one has really showed up to their ADP. With that being said, their ADP’s have finally caught up to them. The one spot on the Giants where the ADP doesn’t match the talent in my mind is Tight End.

Evan Engram

Engram is extremely talented and that is something I can’t deny. That being said, he hasn’t proven the ability to stay healthy and only once demonstrated the ability to dominate the passing game. The Giants this year have a lot of mouths to feed on offense with a great running back and some underrated receivers. Engram looks like a top 10 tight end if he stays healthy 100%. That being said his ADP right now is 6th of all tight ends according to fantasypros.com and that is too high for me. Especially after finishing as a fringe top 20 TE for the past two years he is being criminally overdrafted.


If we were building a real-life team and I was looking for a Tight End I would 100% consider Engram because I think he is underrated around the league because of injury concerns. That being said, we aren’t building a real team, we are building a team built around consistent production and if you can get that out of a spot like Tight End without giving up that consistency at other positions that is how you make a solid team. The main thing that causes that is by getting players at a discount, very similar to the stock market. Engram is not at a discount right now. In fact he is so heavily overvalued it's unbelievable. Talent wise the guy’s ADP is correct, production and history wise he is nowhere near that pick.

Final Wrap

I really liked watching Engram on film because he does lots of things right, however there are just guys who are so injury prone that it makes them a guy to avoid. Troy Tulowitzki in Baseball, I think Zion WIlliamson will be that type of guy in basketball, and in Football guys like Engram or Matt Stafford are guys to avoid in drafts until you personally see the value is correct. If Engram is still there and 9-10 Tight Ends are off the board then pull the trigger. That is the value his play and past holds for me. Anything after that and you are getting an undervalued player and that is the key to making a great team. Most of my pullback on Engram is the injury history, if you think he is going to stay healthy I’d say look for him as the 6th or 7th tight end. If you are like me then look for him as the 10th tight end off the board as a good valuation.