• Connor Smith

Most Overrated Player: Los Angeles Chargers

Most Overrated Player In Team: Los Angeles Chargers

By: Connor Smith


As you have seen on the website we are all writing about a certain team’s MOPOT or Most Overrated Player On Team. This week I have the Los Angeles Chargers. A pretty interesting team for this year. A great young defense getting injured guys back from last year and adding Chris Harris Jr. The offense looks talented with a top 10 receiver and last year's breakout running back with fewer carries than should be afforded this year. A good, young, breakout candidate tight end. That’s where the QB comes into question. The starter is unknown right now and one of them is my pick.

Justin Herbert

Let me preface this by saying that I can see what teams saw in him. He is blessed with a tall, strong frame, the ability to move in the pocket and gain yards with his feet, and excellent arm strength. That being said, HE IS NOT READY TO START IN THE NFL. The first obvious problem with Herbert is his inability to throw the ball with touch. We’ve all heard about the massive arm he possesses, Herbert sees a linebacker in zone that can be easily thrown over the top of and decides he can just throw it through that linebacker. It didn’t hurt him as much in college as it should have but it will in the NFL. Herbert also in college sometimes looked like rather than reading defenses he was just throwing hard and through the defenders. Luckily there’s a well known QB in the NFL right now who had a similar problem and build coming out of Texas Tech. These main problems are pretty fixable. The NFL’s best QB had similar reports coming out of school and THE CHIEFS LET HIM SIT. That’s the one thing that needs to happen is he needs to sit and learn.


Like I said, if the Chargers don’t sit Herbert for the season or at least a good amount of the season they are making the wrong decision in the long run. If they do for some reason start him to start the season it won’t be good. You’re not going to be looking at good performances. This is a guy that should be on the waiver wire in one year leagues. In Dynasty leagues however I understand the interest in him. In this class alone I would take Burrow above him. I really like Tua from a football standpoint but I don’t trust his health or his development with the Dolphins enough to draft him in any league. I’d say Herbert is my 2nd-4th QB from this draft class in Dynasty leagues. Jordan Love is an interesting guy and I could go on forever about the similarities in these two QB’s and how the only reason one’s stats were so much better is the talent around him, the youth on the Utah State Aggies, and the coaching that was heavily questionable for the Aggies.

Final Wrap

This article was a little shorter because I had less to talk about in terms of draft position and projections. All in all I think the Chargers have primed themselves for a damn good next few years. Their defense is going to be top 5 based on the talent and their offense has talent all over the field. The only way the team that doesn’t bring in fans can mess this up is by playing Herbert too early. Like I’ve said, he is uber-talented but he is also nowhere near ready to be starting in the NFL. If the Charger follow their division brothers way of developing uber-talented, not ready QB’s then they should have no trouble becoming a major contender for years to come. All in all, fantasy wise, DON”T DRAFT HERBERT. There are better QB’s out there. If you want him as a backup just in case then get him but please, for the sake of not having to do whatever horrible act your league has for the last place finisher, don’t draft Herbert to be your QB1.