• Armaan Sodhi

Most Overrated Player: Jacksonville Jaguar

Yet again, I do not see any players being overdrafted from the Jaguars. DJ Chark is going in the 4th-5th round is a potential WR1 and Leonard Fournette is going in the late third, but he finished as the RB7 last season. However, I would be a little weary of Leonard Fournette and heres why.

First, it was reported that before, during and after the draft, the Jaguars were looking to move him in a trade. This drama would make me worry about Fournette week to week as (a) he could be traded into a cluster backfield and (b) he could be benched or he could hold out for a trade during the season.

Secondly, the Jaguars signed Chris Thompson, which means Fournette will lose third down snaps. Last season, he had 76 receptions on 100 targets which raises his value and ADP in PPR leagues. They signed him to be the third down back and the primary pass catcher in the Jaguars backfield. The signing of Thompson will definitely eat into targets and lower his ceiling and production in PPR leagues. Also, this Jaguars team is not very good and will be playing from behind a lot this season which means once the Jaguars are getting blown out, it will be Thompson on the field, not Fournette, limiting his production.

Third, Fournettes injury prone. He has suffered 8 injuries in 3 years, extremely worrying for a guy expected to be the Jaguars workhorse. The hits could be added up and according to sports injury predictor, Fournettes chance of getting injured in 2020, is 56.8%. Drafting a player in the third round with such a high injury risk could ruin your season.

Now, if Fournette stays healthy, he could be a look for a top 10 finish, but with his adp in the early third, I am not sure if I am willing to spend that capital on a running back who cannot stay healthy, and constantly is butting heads with the coach and gm.