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Most Overrated Player: Dallas Cowboys

Published by Michael Garrity

Dallas enters the 2020 season with one of the most dangerous offenses in football. With top-5 players at their position like Prescott and Elliot, as well as a fantastic wide receiver nucleus in Cooper, Gallup, and rookie Ceedee Lamb. As of right now, the Cowboys are looking unstoppable. In fantasy, offenses like this can be troublesome for owners as far as drafting players. With the amount of talent on this roster, these players are going to want the ball in their hands. That can lead to others getting more/less touches. With the addition of Ceedee Lamb, I feel like this hurts one player in particular. That is Amari Cooper. 

Looking at last season, Cooper had a top ten finish in point totals with 246.5. Along with his 79-1189-8 stat line, you may be wondering what the risk in drafting him is. On the surface, that is a WR1 statline in fantasy. Below the surface, there are a few red flags that make me not want to draft him. Two of them being his consistency rating and TD dependency. With a consistency rating of 0.540 (ninth worst amongst wideouts), and 19.5% of his fantasy points coming from touchdowns (17th worst), I don’t know how much he can improve those stats coming into this year. Especially with the addition of Ceedee Lamb, there is uncertainty on how many targets Cooper will lose. 

Player One: 113 targets, 1,107 receiving yards, 16.8 yards per reception, 18 20+ yard catches, six touchdowns, 15.4 fantasy ppg. 

Player Two: 119 targets, 1,189 receiving yards, 15.1 yards per reception, 17 20+ yard catches, eight touchdowns, 15.2 fantasy ppg.

Player one is Michael Gallup, and player two is Amari Cooper. Also, Gallup produced those stats in fourteen games while Cooper did it in sixteen. This proves a point that there isn’t a reason to draft Cooper in the mid-third round, when you can get a player that is almost the exact same in the seventh round. Gallup will also take less of a blow as the WR2 with the addition of Lamb, this is due to the amount of targets that are still available in the Cowboy offense (190). I feel like people forget that Gallup ended on an eight game streak where he was tenth in fantasy points among wide receivers. Pair that with the fourth easiest schedule this upcoming season, and you could very well see Gallup be on par with Cooper, and even surpass him. 

With all of this being said, there is no doubt that Cooper is a great football player. His WR1 ceiling is very high, and he could get even better with the hiring of HC Mike McCarthy. In McCarthy’s thirteen years with the Packers, he produced seven top-5 WRs, nine top-10 WRs, and fifteen top-20 WRs. Take into account that Cooper's risk as well as reward is high, so you will have to pay the price of a third-round draft pick if you are willing to gamble. He can be safely classified as a “boom-or-bust” for 2020.