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Marvin Kinsey Player Profile (Bonus)

Marvin Kinsey Player Profile

Connor Smith

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 210


This is going to be a little different than my normal article. My parents met at CSU hence my fandom. My family has had season tickets for CSU football games for the last 20 years. I’ve been going to every game since I can remember and I can truly say, Marvin Kinsey is the best running back I have watched run for CSU and easily top 3 running backs I’ve watched live. I saw Kapri Bibbs run his way to the NFL, I’ve seen Alexander Mattison of Boise State run all over CSU, I watched Dalyn Dawkins run gracefully for 3 years. I believe that Kinsey 100% has NFL talent. His film is so exciting, if you need something to watch I recommend his 2019 highlights. He will not be drafted this year, through my conversations with him, I am sure he will get a chance in the NFL and I do not want you to be surprised when this random guy from CSU makes a roster and produces.


Kinsey has the perfect size for an NFL running back. He could stand to gain a few pounds but that could take away from his speed. Kinsey is 6’1” with breakaway speed. His best official 4o time is 4.49. There’s always the argument from people “He played against Mountain West competition”. I will not disagree with this. That being said, Kinsey only played 3 conference games in 2019 before being kicked off the team. I will get to that situation later. The teams that Kinsey played were not great defenders of the rush, Kinsey added to that obviously. 3 in the top 75, 2 from 119 to 124, and one FCS team who was not a good defensive team. Not great competition but what is he supposed to do about that? Kinsey does not go down. I suggest you watch his highlights, they are very fun to watch. His hips are not tight, he can cut and juke very quickly. He’s obviously a little big to be a multiple cut within a short time type of back but he can do it. He bounces off tackles and he bounces forward. Has no problem running inside but is definitely better running outside in space. Can receive the ball and gain yards right off the catch.


This list is not going to be small but the talent should outweigh. That’s a problem that many talented athletes deal with and definitely something Kinsey had trouble with. Kinsey was removed from the CSU football team twice. The second, 6 games into the 2019 season while he was leading the Rams in rushing yards and averaging 7 yards per rush. Kinsey is talented and he knows he is and his attitude has been a problem throughout college. It is still unknown why he was kicked off both times. I have had a few conversations with him and he's a super bright kid who might be so talented that in high school he got away with things he doesn’t anymore. I don't think his attitude is a massive problem, especially because he won't be drafted but rather signed. That being said teams will look at it and it might be the main reason we won't hear his name called in the 7 rounds. He has one other massive con, he has always had trouble holding onto the football. Last year in 6 games he had 7 fumbles. Many came early in the year and he looked to carry the ball better in his last few games. His fumble troubles lost CSU multiple games in 2019 and this caused them to miss a bowl game. He needs to work on this but from what I’ve seen and heard from him, he is working all out to get a chance at the next level.

Expected Draft Position

Kinsey will not be drafted and I don’t think that’s a question. He will be signed though, that is also not a question. NFL scouts know talent when they see it even if it does play out in the Mountain West. I think any team willing to take a chance will be happy with what they did. Another CSU running back was in a similar position a few years ago. Dalyn Dawkins, Brian Dawkins nephew, was a talented running back for 3 years and had his best year his senior year. He was a smaller, quicker back than Kinsey but the situation was similar. He was not going to get drafted but he was going to get signed. Last year in the Titans 4th preseason game Dawkins was supposed to get cut in the next week. He proceeded to run for 117 yards on 13 carries and got a spot on the team. Don’t be surprised when a similar situation arises for Marvin Kinsey.

League Projections

Huge question mark here obviously. I think if he gets his chance and does what I believe and have seen him do, he could become a good backup to above average starter in the NFL. There’s also the massive chance that he doesn’t get his fair shot and he doesn’t do anything in the small opportunity somebody gives him and he ends up not producing anything. Obviously from a fantasy standpoint, don’t draft Kinsey. If he does become something and you like him I can 1000% guarantee he will be on waivers.

Teams That Should Take A Look

I don’t think that there’s a specific team. The Broncos have a streak of around 5+ years of one undrafted rookie making the roster so maybe them. I just think that any team that will give Marvin Kinsey a chance will be extremely pleasantly surprised with the diamond in the rough that they found.

My Opinion

It should be pretty obvious that I love Kinsey and am rooting for him. He’s interesting and there’s a massive chance he doesn’t turn into anything hence the fact that he will not be drafted. That being said, there’s a chance he uses his god given size, speed, and talent and he has fixed his attitude and his propensity to fumble and is ready to produce in the NFL. I just hope he gets the chance because he has the talent to become an absolute steal.

Ceiling: Kenyan Drake

Floor: Nothing, no NFL playing time