• Connor Smith

La'Mical Perine Player Profile

La’Mical Perine Player Profile

By: Connor Smith

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 218


  • Size: He has the perfect size you want in an NFL running back. He is not huge but he is big enough to be tough to bring down and tough to get past when he’s blocking. He lost some weight this last year and it caused a loss in his power but he still ran with good contact balance.

  • Patience and Vision: He’s a very patient runner. He knows where he wants to be, where he needs to be and he gets there. He will follow the lead blocker until he finds the hole he needs to hit.

  • Receiving: Perine had 40 receptions last year. When I first read this number it shocked me and I assumed it was a typo but it isn’t. Watching his film makes me salivate for what a team like the Patriots or Chargers could do with him in their running back room.


  • Elusiveness/Agility: While more elusive than somebody like Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Perine isn’t elusive. He can make people miss but he doesn’t do so very often. He projects to be a very useful receiver out of the back field if he improves this part of his game.

  • Power: For a back with prototypical size he isn’t extremely powerful. That being said, he isn’t weak either and he runs with effort. Perine doesn’t have too many big flaws in his game so this is a little reach but he is just below average with power.

Expected Draft Position

If this were a decade ago I don’t think La’Mical would have been drafted before the 6th round. That being said, it isn’t. In 2020 the NFL has opened its eyes to talented running backs who catch passes at an elite level. Perine is a guy that should be able to carve out a productive, not star but productive, NFL career. I believe he will most likely go 2nd day in the middle rounds. I can’t wait to see how teams use him.

League Projections

Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see La’Mical carve out an extremely productive NFL career. In a PPR fantasy league this guy could be a hot commodity. I don’t think we will see a massive amount of production this year but in the future he could be awesome. He reminds me of a larger Ekeler. I’d love to see a team like Buccaneers and what they could do with him and Tom Brady. Could make him into a James White type of player.

My Opinion

Perine isn’t anywhere near as flashy as many of the running backs in this absolutely stacked class. He doesn’t stand out on film as much as the other guys I’ve done and that makes me like him a lot. While he doesn’t stand out, he isn’t a bad player in any way. I’d argue it’s absolutely the contrary, he looks like a great consistent running back. His combine numbers are a 95% fit to Josh Jacobs and an 85% fit to Todd Gurley according to MockDraftable.com. He’s a great receiver and he can be utilized in millions of ways. Perine does most things well and a few things at an elite level. Whatever team gets him in those middle rounds will be extremely happy with their decision.

Ceiling: James White (with more rushing potential)

Floor: Brandon Bolden

NFL Comparison: Jamaal Williams (with more receiving)