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Ke'Shawn Vaughn Player Profile

Ke’Shawn Vaughn Player Profile

Connor Smith

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 218



Ball Security: While J.K. Dobbins and Clyde Edwards-Helaire take care of the ball well they can’t even be mentioned in the same conversation as Ke’Shawn. Over 4 years of his college career. That is 572 career carries, HE DIDN’T FUMBLE ONCE. He didn’t turn the ball over one single time in five hundred and seventy two carries. That number is simply amazing.

Burst: Watching film on this guy is so much fun. The burst he shows is amazing. He’s like a bullet shot out of a gun. This gets him into trouble some times and provides to his main cons but with NFL caliber blocking instead of below average SEC blocking, his burst will be truly utilized.

Speed and Second Gear: While Vaughn is not overly fast, he has above average speed and his second gear is above average. He had a tough season this year. He was also dealing with a very very below average offensive line. His speed and specifically his second gear were tough to see this season. He’s one of the more electric backs in this year's draft.


Attitude: He’s fiery. It’s the type of attitude that can be amazing for a team. It’s also the type of attitude that can kill a team. Last year on multiple occasions he was seen yelling at teammates and coaches. As stated before his support on the line and even at QB was below average. He let those things show on the field. That’s just something that can’t happen. If harnessed right his attitude could drive a team to a championship.

Agility: He should make guys miss more than he does, plain and simple. He’s got the athleticism to make people miss, but he doesn’t. This is teachable though, so if there was something to have a problem with then it isn’t terrible.

Patience: Ke’Shawn has a tendency to use his high level burst and speed without patience. He will run into his blockers. He won’t allow the holes to develop. He would typically gain yards when he did this but with his athleticism he could have easily gained more.

Expected Draft Position

He’s got the talent to be an absolute steal. He should go around the middle rounds, 3-5 most likely. He’s unbelievably underrated. He didn’t produce amazing numbers this year but I think the numbers he did produce were pretty good for the support. He was facing the best defenses in the country in the SEC and had a far below average offensive line and still ran for 1,028 yards on 5.2 per carry. Whatever team gets him will be happy with the pick.

League Projections

Depending on what team takes him he could slot in as a 3 down back right away. I don’t think that he is going to be top 7 for a few years. In 2-3 years I think a team could be very happy with their pick. He easily has the talent to be top 5 in the league. He needs to gain some patience and agility but with those he’s easily a 3 down NFL back. His pass-blocking is questionable as is his attitude. That being said, I love Vaughn. I think his ceiling is high, he also has a low floor and could be an absolute non-contributor.

Teams That Should Take A Look

Everyone. He could be the perfect back for a team with a verteran or established starter for Vaughn to learn from. He also could be an instant impact back for a team that needs one. Honestly, should only be targeted in zone run schemes or schemes where he will get chances from under center. He needs to build up speed to be truly effective. He can’t create for himself so his offensive line needs to create the space for him. I could actually see the 49ers utilizing him extremely well.

My Opinion

I like Vaughn a lot for the value it seems he has. He’s a fierce competitor, he runs tough, he’s quick. He also has his fair share of problems. He’s stiff as hell. His agility is lacking heavily, especially for a guy with such good speed and burst. He can’t create for himself to be honest, this means he will depend on blocking up front. This is why his senior season was so underwhelming statistically. I’m truly torn on Vaughn. He’s the type of back that will get his fair shot in the NFL because of his big play ability. All that can be asked is that he gets a shot with the right team.


Ceiling: Lamar Miller

Floor: Mike Gillislee