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Justin Herbert Player Profile

Height: 6'6

Weight: 227

Justin Herbert is quite the prospect. He has the typical NFL QB stature that teams tend to gravitate towards. His 6'6 frame is ideal for reading the field and his athleticism gives him the ability to make plays on his feet. Working in a spread offense with a vertical concept at Oregon maximized Herbert's passing opportunities and allowed him to make plays with multiple weapons at his disposal. With the NFL becoming more of a fast-paced passing league, Herbert's skillset and experience in a spread offense will hopefully bring him success in the NFL.

Pros: Justin Herbert has amazing potential. His size, athletic ability, and skill-set give him a great opportunity at being drafted early this year. He has great athleticism and can deliver accurate balls while on the run. He has a good ability to escape the pocket when needed and can buy enough time to find a receiver open. Herbert also has a better-than-average arm and can sling the rock accurately to most deep patterns. He has excellent velocity on his throws which is perfect for plays that require a quick trigger. If Herbert can get his feet set, he can make most throws asked of him. He has shown great accuracy in all parts of the field and when he shows confidence, can be as deadly as anybody when throwing the ball. He generally doesn't make one read and take off if it isn't open, and he can make the correct read if given time and goes through his progressions. He can get to the second level of defenses with his feet and can create a long play on the ground.

Cons: Herbert is great, and can make plenty of plays, but sometimes he is a little bit too careful with the football. It seems like if he took a few more chances and was more confident in the throws he thinks that he can make, good things may come from it. Herbert sometimes seems like he is trying too hard to make the right throw that he ends up misplacing the ball. Herbert is also strictly a shotgun QB. He didn't take snaps from under center, so there may be a little bit of a learning curve if and when he is asked to do so in the NFL. Justin sometimes seems to get nervous in the pocket when he senses pressure and can pull the trigger too fast on throws which result in incompletions. He also fails to keep his feet active in the pocket from time to time which can also result in errant throw. He has also been labeled as a little too humble. He isn't the determined leader that you look for in a QB, but he can definitely learn to be.

Comparison: It's hard to find a comparison for Herbert. His skillset is different but I do think it resembles Ryan Tannehill. The two seem to show comparable arm strength, while it does seem that Herbert can sling it a little farther. They both show great athleticism and speed. Tannehill played a little bit of wide receiver in college, which goes to show that he isn't a tree just waiting to be hit. He can move, and Herbert shows the same type of ability. I think this is a fair comparison but I do think that Herbert has the edge on Tannehill on being the better prospect during draft time.

Expectations: I expect Herbert to land on the Chargers in some way, shape, or form. If he is available at pick No. 6, I think the Chargers need to take him. With Philip Rivers now on the Colts, L.A. needs to take advantage of being in the top 10 in the draft and take their QB of the future. I expect Herbert to do okay in his first year. I could see him having a similar year to what Daniel Jones did in N.Y. I could also see him doing a bit better because he has better weapons. With the Chargers bolstering their offensive line and keeping talent around by franchise tagging Hunter Henry, I think Herbert has a great opportunity to get off to a great start in the NFL.

Ceiling: Carson Wentz

Floor: Ryan Tannehill