• rjsoliz23

Jordan Love Player Profile

Height: 6'4

Weight: 223

Jordan Love's last two years at Utah State have been something to watch as he became one of the top quarterback prospects in this years draft. At 6'4 and 223 pounds, Love has a very nice stature and frame that NFL scouts love to see. Love has also shown a nice ability to make plays on his feet, and create time outside of the pocket to find open receivers. Love had a phenomenal sophomore year as he led Utah State to an 11 win season while lighting up the stat sheet with 3,567 yards passing and 32 touchdowns. Love had much momentum going into his junior year, but a coaching change and the loss of weapons resulted in Love having a less stellar year than before. Even with love not performing to the highest standards, his potential is encouraging and there are plenty of NFL teams that may be willing to take a chance at drafting him.

Pros: Love has the arm strength to make pretty much any throw at the NFL level. He is good at getting his legs involved in his throws. He creates a good base and can sling darts around the field with ease. He's not the best athlete but can be very mobile outside of the pocket. He makes sure to keep his eyes downfield but isn't afraid to tuck the ball and run for the first down. Love can throw on the run well and is still accurate while doing so. His accuracy is good on all levels and is fairly good at ball trajectory and placement of his throws. Love has good anticipation and can throw receivers open in order to make the play. He also can progress through his reads and make a patient throw on most occasions.

Cons: Love has great arm strength and athleticism, but sometimes he seems to make decisions that don't seem to pan out the way he wanted them to. With 17 interceptions during his Junior campaign, Love seemed to be less careful with the ball than he was in his sophomore season. Now wether that was because of his lack of weapons, coaching, or his own performance, the throws were off no matter the situation. Love can sometimes stay stuck on his first progression. He also has a knack for trying the big play, which sometimes causes mistakes on his part. We all like to make the big play in the game, but sometimes it pays to be patient and make the correct play.

Comparison: Jordan Love has a good frame and a nice arm. He can be inconsistent at times but can also go off for a massive game at any given time. He has good mobility and can make plays with his feet but doesn't rely on them. With all that being said, I can see a player like Love being compared to Matthew Stafford. Stafford has a cannon for an arm. I don't think Love has an arm quite that impressive but it's close. I also think that they both can be very good playmakers but also can take unnecessary risks that result in bad plays.

Expectations: I expect Love to be a first-round selection to a team that feels like he may be the real deal. I still think he needs to work on many things before he becomes a franchise cornerstone. I would like to see him sit behind a veteran QB for a year an learn the in's-and-out's of the NFL game, but I could very well see him being a reliable starting QB in the league someday. I could see the Patriots selecting Love at pick number 23 this year, and if Belichick can groom him the way he groomed Brady, you never know what could happen.

Ceiling: Matthew Stafford

Floor: Blake Bortles