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Jerry Jeudy Player Profile

Updated: Mar 28

Height: 6-1

Weight: 193

Hand: 9 4/8

Arm: 32 1/8

Wingspan: 76

Pros: Recall the most crisp route running. Now multiply that by 10 and boom you’ve got Jeudy. For this article, I studied two specific games from the 2019 season, LSU and South Carolina, that breakdown can be found below. Here is the short and sweet breakdown of what stood out from the film. First off, separation was created on every play even if he wasn’t targeted, this comes from a idea to protect your body. Routinely has the ability to utilize stutter steps, hops, and head jabs during the route to throw off defenders. Most importantly runs and blocks defenders full steam ahead MOST every play.

Breakdown: Against LSU, one play in particular that sticks out is when Jeudy runs a post out route. The goal is to sell the post and then break inside. As an athlete this takes you being able to give up your shoulders and hips to the post and then change direction quickly inside. Ultimately the defender is completely thrown off, stumbles, and gives up a first down on third and long. Against South Carolina, there is a similar but less noticeable approach. On the play in reference, Jeudy gets off the line by using a hesitation hop jab to the left, only to run the “out route” to the right. You really see the NFL technique come into place because Jeudy is selling his hips at certain peaks of the route which causes him to gain that extra edge on the DB. The play itself only goes for several yards, but more importantly he’s staying out of hard contact, he’s moving the chains, and he’s keeping the defense honest by not just running what is expected. That is what elite NFL WR’s do.

Cons: Let’s keep in mind this man had to build chemistry with not one, not two, but three separate quarterbacks. In fact, most people are under the impression that Jeudy somehow “fell off” last season! Here’s some food for thought: Jeudy has finished his college career with back to back 1,100 yard seasons, only the fifth time in CFB history this has happened. Additionally, Jeudy had 26% of the receiving yards for Alabama in 2019. Now was most of this work done out of the slot? Yes it was, but you also have to consider that there has been at LEAST two other NFL caliber WR’s starting at any given time throughout his career. So yes, Jeudy isn’t your Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, AJ Green type of big body WR, but that has never been his game. NFL teams will find ways to use him in the open space. Concerns of volume and ability to withstand hard contact do come to mind, but that seems to be overshadowed by the “home run” factor. All of that being said, size and physicality is definitely something that scouts will be torn between because there are plenty of WR’s that play and HAVE played well at his size, but it’s almost like Jeudy doesn’t invite the contact...actually tends to shy away from it. I need to personally see Jeudy bulk up, get a little more intentional running “north and south” instead of “east and west”, and just continue to work on your run blocking.

Comparison/Expectations: Sky is the limit for Jeudy in terms of athleticism, opening the field for coordinators, and yard after catch explosiveness. Jeudy can literally come into any offense with any quarterback and run the simplest route, such as the slant, to make guys miss. I really want to see Michael Thomas type of production coming out of the gate, but realize this will depend on the team that drafts him. On the low end, you are going to get a Doug Baldwin/Keenan Allen style player that has the ability to stretch the field vertically if need be, but is currently only the master of short/intermediate routes. As time goes on, and if Jeudy can withstand injury from his aggressive hip movements, I think we are looking at the next Odell Beckham/Reggie Wayne caliber player. Do NOT pass on Jeudy come draft day.