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Jalen Hurts Player Profile

Height: 6'1

Weight: 222

Jalen Hurts has left quite a mark in Alabama, Oklahoma, and on the college football world as a whole. As a true freshman, Hurts became the first freshman to start for Alabama in 32 years. Hurts led the Crimson tide to a College Football Playoff appearance in his freshman season, and although they lost, was on his way to leading Alabama to much success. During his time in college, Hurts amassed a total of 9,477 yards passing to go along with 80 TD's and 20 INT's. Hurts also rushed for 3,274 yards and had 43 TD's on the ground as well. After transferring to OU, Hurts potential skyrocketed as he joined a coach in Lincoln Riley who had coached the last two Heisman winners in his offense. During his short time in Norman, Hurts put on a show as he finished second in Heisman voting behind only Joe Burrow. Jalen has an amazing work ethic as, sometimes, he would immediately get a workout in after games, and on some occasions, would still have his pads on. Hopefully that translates to the NFL as Hurts looks to become a leader for a lucky franchise.

Pros: Hurts is one of the most poised players you will see. His demeanor is very calm, cool, and collected and he rarely shows any sense of panic or distress. His work ethic is great and has shown throughout his college career. Hurts has great pocket awareness and a great ability to sense pressure. His arm strength is good enough to make the throws necessary to play at a high level. He is great as a runner and has proven that he can run the ball whenever and wherever he needs to. His 3,274 college rushing yards prove that fact. Hurts is a winner, and a playmaker. Legendary head coach Nick Saban has had nothing bad to say about Hurts and has praised him for his play and his ability to improve himself as a person and as a player when things didn't go his way. He does whatever is needed to help his team win.

Cons: Doesn't have the best accuracy in the world as his passes make it to his targets, but not always in the best spots. Has sometimes put too much air underneath his throws which can lead to better recovery for the defensive back. He has always played with elite talent around him so I would like to know how he would perform if he doesn't have the best possible options to choose from. He can sometimes become trigger happy with his running and take off out of the pocket too quickly if he thinks its about to collapse.

Comparison: Jalen Hurts plays well, and can definitely bring a new dynamic to a team that wants a dual threat QB, but with that being said, he still has plenty of things to work on before he can become a great NFL QB. I can see a lot of Tyrod Taylor in Jalen Hurts. Somebody who can make plays on the ground and has decent throwing abilities. Taylor had three straight years rushing for over 400 yards, and two of those were above 500 yards. In the right system, and under the right teacher, Hurts can definitely develop into a legitimate starting QB in the league.

Expectation: I expect Hurts to go anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th or 6th round. I could see an NFL team with an aging veteran pick him up in order to develop him. If he sits behind a good teacher and progresses well, he could do well. A team like the Pittsburgh Steelers could be a team that scoops up the college superstar.

Ceiling: Dak Prescott

Floor: Tyrod Taylor