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Jake Fromm Player Profile

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220

Jake Fromm has had quite the career at the University of Georgia. He led the Bulldogs to three straight SEC East Division titles and a spot in the 2017 College Football Playoff. He's had the luxury of having great offensive lines in Athens, and that has certainly helped him during his time there. Fromm doesn't bring the same "wow" factor that other QB's might bring to the table in this years draft, but he's certainly showed he can perform well. He has done a good job at leading Georgia to success during his three-year tenure and will look to continue his success at the next level.

Pros: Fromm has been a great "stick to the book" quarterback. He hasn't tried to do too much and can be trusted to run an offense the way it should be run. He is great at getting the ball into his playmakers hands and letting them make a play. Fromm knows what throws he can and can't make, so you shouldn't be worried about him taking too many unnecessary shots. Like Tua, Fromm fits a west-coast style offense in which quick, short passes are the gas that fuels the fire. He has thrown his fair share of back shoulder fades and does a good job putting the ball where it needs to be. Fromm tends to stay calm in the pocket and there's not many things that will alter his delivery. He takes what the defense gives him, which is valuable. Why maybe get a 20 yard gain, when you can get a guaranteed 10 yards unless it's 100% necessary to do so? Fromm is good at commanding the offense and recognizing defensive schemes.

Cons: Fromm tends to lose the movement in his feet at the end of his drop back. It has shown to affect his throws as sometimes he misses his targets as a result of dead feet. He also seems to have a habit of spinning the ball as he progresses through his reads. Even such a little movement can have an effect on his control of the ball. It's only a matter of time before he outright drops the ball as a result of him spinning it. Fromm lacks arm strength and doesn't have very much zip on his ball. The ball seems to sometimes stay in the air forever before it reaches it's target. He's definitely not the most athletic guy and his ability to make plays with his feet is slim.

Comparison: Fromm has a lot of the same characteristics of NFL veteran Colt McCoy. Although McCoy was much more athletic coming out of college, their games show some similarities. Neither QB has much zip on the ball, and don't have the greatest arms in the world, but they make throws that are available.

Expectation: I don't expect Fromm to be a franchise QB. Does that mean he won't be? No. I see Fromm being drafted with the intent of being a serviceable backup and not much more. He doesn't have the "It" factor that a QB needs to have in the league today. He doesn't do many things perfectly, but he does a lot of things okay. You can expect to see Fromm after your team's starting QB goes down with a broken collarbone, but don't be discouraged, he can do just enough to win you a few games.

Ceiling: Chase Daniel