• rjsoliz23

Denver Broncos Draft Recap

Overall Grade: A-

The Denver Broncos organization has had a busy offseason as they've made a number of moves in order to put the team in a competitive spot for the 2020-2021 season. With Drew Lock now at the helm of the offense, the Broncos are looking to build around him and have smartly acquired new weapons for Lock to get the ball to.

During the offseason, the Broncos traded a 4th-round pick to the Jags in order to acquire DB A.J. Bouye. Bouye has been a standout player during his time in the league and is only 28 years old. Giving up a 4th-rounder isn't too bad for the return they might get from such a talented player. Denver also acquired 5-time Pro-Bowl defensive lineman Jurrell Casey from the Titans in a move that only cost them a 7th-round pick in the 2020 draft. Casey is 30 years old, but the ability is still there, and for a pick in the 7th round, it was a good deal.

Grade: A

With who many considered to be the best receiver in the draft, the Broncos took advantage of a great player falling right into their hands. At pick 15, Denver selected Alabama receiver Jerry Jeudy in an attempt to beef up their passing attack. Not only did they do that, but they got an exciting playmaker, and amazing route-runner while doing so. Jeudy brings a second reliable option to the Broncos that they needed badly, and getting arguably the best wideout in the draft at pick 15 is something to be happy about.

Pick Grade: A

With their 2nd-round pick, Denver selected another receiver with the selection of K.J. Hamler. Now although they had already addressed the need at receiver, the Broncos seem to have wanted to get another weapon for Lock. I don't like this pick for them in this spot. I think that Denver could've chosen a different position of need to target at this spot in the draft, especially with how deep this class of receivers is in 2020. I don't think it was a bad pick by any means. Hamler should be a productive member of the team, but they could've addressed other needs.

Pick Grade: B

The Broncos had several picks in the 3rd round of this years draft, three picks to be exact. They took CB Michale Ojemudia with 13th pick in the 3rd round. Ojemudia wasn't the greatest player they could've taken at this spot, although it does address the need for cornerback. Ojemudia isn't very sharp in man-coverage but does a good job in zone. If used in the correct way, he could be useful. Taking Lloyd Cushenberry III with the 19th pick in the 3rd round was a good pick in my book. He was the leader of the nations best offensive line and displayed great tools and ability to be a starter in the NFL sooner rather than later. McTelvin Agim was the 31st pick in the 3rd round and the Broncos snatched up a player with very high upside. Agim has only one full season of interior DL play under his belt but has shown flashes of being a force in the middle. His burst is great and he has the necessary athleticism to cause disruption on the field. He played on the edge for most of his time in college so he has the ability to be a disrupter while rushing the passer. If given the right coaching and polish, Agim can be a force.

(3rd Round) Pick Grades: B-, A, B+

With the 12 pick in the 4th round, the Broncos selected Albert Okwuegbunam was a steal for Denver at that spot. The didn't necessarily need to take a tight end at this spot with Noah Fant already being on the roster, but Albert O. will bring good depth and ability to the team. He has great size and decent blocking ability which should get better in the NFL. He could definitely see a decent amount of time on the field during his rookie season.

Pick Grade: A

The Broncos took two linebackers in Derek Tuszka and Justin Strnad to help get linebacker depth on the team. Tyrie Cleveland was another receiver taken by the Broncos and Netane Muti has the ability to become a great offensive lineman if he can stay healthy in Denver.

All-around I think the Broncos did a decent job at acquiring the necessary pieces in order to build a solid foundation, with the exception of a couple reaches. Denver did a solid job and we could see a lot of these picks on Sundays.