• Connor Smith

Deejay Dallas Player Profile

Deejay Dallas Player Profile

By: Connor Smith

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 217


  • Gets To Speed Quickly: Watching film on Dallas was a fun experience. He hits the hole and bursts out. He’s super quick, his long distance speed isn’t anything crazy and NFL athletes will be faster than him long distance wise but he has great burst.

  • Bounces Off Tackles: It was comical to watch him run in some of his games. Dallas looked untackleable. He runs hard as hell, and there were times where it looked like he was in high school again.

  • High School: Speaking of high school, Deejay was not a running back until 2017. He is so relatively inexperienced in the position that it’s amazing. He’s been a running back for 2.5 years. Watching him catch screens and move in space you can see the receiver The U thought they were getting in there.

  • Special Teams Impact: He was a kick and punt returner at Miami, and a very impactful one. Scoring a very exciting TD on a punt return and averaging 21 yards on kick returns and 17.6 yards on punt returns.


  • Not 100% Experienced In Protection: With the small amount of experience that Dallas has, his pass protection can get sloppy or even scary bad at times. He has the build to become a very serviceable protector though.

  • Ball Security (last year was good): Sophomore year he had ball security problems. He went to a sports psychologist. It seemed to have worked in 2019 as he didn’t fumble once all season.

Expected Draft Position

Deejay should get drafted, he honestly shouldn’t be coming out of college this year. He’s going to start getting looks around the 5th and will be drafted in either the 6th or 7th. Those late rounds are good for a guy like him because he will get his fair shot but he won’t be held around too long if he doesn’t succeed.

League Projections

Dallas is an interesting prospect. He should be preparing for another college season where he dazzles and becomes at least a 3rd round pick with more experience but he’s not. It’s going to depend on who drafts him. He has talent and will be on rosters for a good amount of years because of his special teams impact and his ability to receive. The question is if he will be a massive contributor or a backup.

Teams That Should Take A Look

My perfect scenario for Dallas is being drafted late by the Ravens and being able to learn behind Mark Ingram. I see a lot of similarity between their running styles and their builds.

My Opinion

His upside is endless and his talent is there. He’s so new to the position that he will make his fair share of mistakes. He also shows that he has the instincts to become a quality runner in the NFL. He bounces off tackles, and while that won’t happen as often against NFL athletes, it will still happen. He runs angry and with purpose and that allows him to gain yards almost every time he touches the ball. His hips allow for movement and he uses them well. He has bad habits, many that come from his childhood of QB and WR play but they are fixable if he is given the time to learn and grow from a veteran runner such as Mark Ingram. MockDraftable.com has a tool that compares Combine numbers to past players and gives a comparison. One of Deejay’s comparisons is Duke Johnson. I love this comparison. Duke has always had a part in the game plan and has always contributed. I think Dallas runs better where Johnson receives better but they have very similar numbers and career projections.

Ceiling: Mark Ingram

Floor: Duke Johnson