• Connor Smith

Darius Anderson Player Profile

Darius Anderson Player Profile

Connor Smith

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 208


  • Size: Darius has the ideal size for an NFL back. He uses the size well and is more powerful and has better contact balance than some other backs in the draft i.e. La’Mical Perine.

  • Explosiveness: His nickname is really all the explanation that’s needed. Darius “Jet” Anderson is explosive. He’s so much fun to watch on film because of this explosiveness. He’s super quick though his 4.61 40 time didn’t truly showcase that.

  • Versatile: He was used as a receiver, returner, and runner with TCU with very low mileage. He has the skillset to be a 3 down back in the NFL.


  • Vision and Decision-making: He’s fun to watch but he’s also sometimes hard to watch. He runs with the goal of getting outside. He has shown the ability to run inside yet he will miss holes and cuts to gain yards because he has a need to get outside.

  • Pass-Blocking: He’s not consistent in blocking but we didn’t see a massive amount of it from him last year.

Expected Draft Position

He’s a super interesting prospect. Darius is extremely quick. It doesn’t show in his 40 time but his film is super fun to watch. He has so much potential. That potential could also go nowhere too. His vision and decision making kills him regularly. He is super versatile though so he can be a beast in multiple different parts of the game. I’d say, anywhere before the 5th round is a reach in my mind. The 6th round is a good spot for teams to take him I think.

League Projections

Darius is a very interesting back. He has the tools to become a three-down back in the league. His measurables, strength, and agility are close to elite. He’s oozing with talent and potential. With that said, he’s got problems and they are large ones. Like I said, his vision is atrocious sometimes and he has an innate need to get outside the hashes. He runs like a 12 year old on Madden who needs to run outside to gain yards. He’s versatile and has abilities in the passing game that are top 3 in this draft class. Next year I don’t see much production coming but there is a chance that in a few years, we’re going to be asking why he went in the 6th round.

Teams That Should Take A Look

Honestly, any team in the NFL that has a reliable lead back could be a candidate here. A team that came to my mind right away was the Carolina Panthers. I’d like to see what they could do with Anderson and Mcaffrey. I think Mcaffrey could teach Anderson a lot and he kind of reminds me of Anderson.

My Opinion

In my opinion… I’m not sure. Anderson is extremely talented and could be a massive steal. Like I’ve said, he’s got all the skills to be a 3-down back with his receiving abilities and his speed, agility, and balance. That being said, he’s a horrible runner. He’s going to get drafted this year, as he should, but he’s gonna go late. This is the type of player that could just be an absolute steal. The guy that makes us wonder what's wrong with NFL scouts and why it’s so hard to see a guy's future. He can just as easily do the same but the opposite way. He could never learn how to run in the middle and he could never gain that vision he is missing. I know that I am going to follow Darius Anderson’s career closely to see if he ever pans out into anything.

Ceiling: Chase Edmonds (plus some)

Floor: Peyton Barber