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Cole Kmet Player Profile

Updated: Apr 1

Height: 6’6

Weight: 250 LBS

Published by Michael Garrity

Background and Positives: There isn’t a TJ Hockenson or Noah Fant in this draft class, but Cole Kmet is the closest player to them. Kmet is the most NFL-ready Tight End in this draft class. Kmet took the starting Tight End job at Notre Dame in his junior season, and had a great year. After missing the first three games of his season due to a broken collarbone, Kmet reeled in 515 receiving yards, and 6 receiving touchdowns. He was also named to the 2020 All-Combine team, as his 4.70 40 yard dash and 37 inch vertical were among some of the best at his position. Many defensive prospects at the combine regarded Kmet as one of the best pass catchers they faced all season. With Kmet’s impressive junior year and fantastic combine, there is no doubt that he is ready for the NFL. One of Kmet’s strengths that I noticed while watching his tape was his elite receiving ability. If the ball touched hands, Kmet wasn’t going to drop it. This Tight End draft class struggles with dropped passes, but with Kmet, that is a non-issue. Kmet has a big frame, which is beneficial to his success in receiving the ball. Once Kmet catches the ball, Defensive Backs had a tough time bringing him down. Kmet’s big frame also benefits him in run blocking. He does a great job of latching onto defenders and moving them to create gaps for Running Backs. Catching and blocking are two aspects of a Tight End’s game that are vital for success in the NFL, and those are both Kmet’s strengths.

Negatives: One weakness I saw in Kmet’s game was his pass blocking. He needs to work on his technique because Kmet tended to get sloppy. Kmet also needs to make sure he puts on more muscle, because he had trouble holding pass blocks for a certain amount of time. Another aspect of Kmet’s game that could use improvement is his route running. He needs to work on his balance and body control throughout his routes. Both of those areas could use improvement, but neither of his weaknesses are big issues.

Draft Round: Cole Kmet will be the first Tight End off the board in this years draft. He could move into the starting Tight End role in multiple NFL teams. I could see Kmet picked late in the first round, or very early in the second. Everything from his athleticism, to his size, Kmet has the makes of a Tight End that could do well in the league.

Which team should take Kmet?: There are a lot of teams that could take Kmet, but I feel like this team could make mold him into something special. The New England Patriots. Having a physical Tight End with great hands in their lineup has been missed since Rob Gronkowski retired. Both Kmet and Gronkowski have similar qualities in their game as well as similar body types. New England has a tendency to pick bigger Tight Ends as well, and Kmet fills that description perfectly. The Patriots are essentially in “rebuilding mode,” and their most needed area of improvement is offense. The Patriots will have to go after every offensive weapon they can get their hands on, so do not be surprised if the Pats use their 1st round pick on Kmet. Another team I feel could take Kmet is the Packers. After Jimmy Graham left this offseason, the Packers went all in for a deal with Austin Hooper. After that deal failed, they are stuck with Jace Sternberger. Sternberger is not the answer to the Packers Tight End prayers, so I could very well see them going after a Tight End in the first round. If Kmet drops in the draft, Green Bay could use their 30th pick to draft the #1 Tight End in this class.