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Colby Parkinson Player Profile

Height: 6’7

Weight: 252 LBS

Published by Michael Garrity

Background and Positives: Colby Parkinson is a monster 6’7 Tight End from Stanford University. Expectations were high for Parkinson early in his career, as he was the #1 ranked Tight End in the nation for the Class of 2017. Parkinson started to make a name for himself in his Sophomore year in college, as he finished his second season with 29 receptions for 485 yards, and seven touchdowns. He earned All-Pac-12 Conference honorable mention for his quality season. Parkinson earned a second team All-Pac-12 accolade his junior year, despite catching a career low one touchdown pass the entire season. Parkinson did however set career highs in receptions (48) and receiving yards (589). Parkinson decided to forgo his senior year, and enter his name into the 2020 NFL Draft. He is ranked 12th in his position by CBS Sports.

Parkinson is a threat to anyone who guards him. He is a red-zone nightmare, and will simply bully you and make the catch. Parkinson is great at recognizing mismatches, as he will take advantage of you with his 6’7 frame. Parkison hardly ever drops the ball when it is catchable, and is reliable in both the receiving and blocking aspect. He is extremely tough to tackle once he gets into the open field as well. Parkinson has gifted size and strength, and that will serve him well once he gets to the NFL.

Negatives: Parkinson’s route running isn’t very creative. Most of the time, he runs straight up the field. He needs to do a better job of being more creative, because he can be a bit predictable at times. Parkinson’s 6’7 frame is a gift, and it can also be a curse. Getting his 250 pound body moving at top speed takes time, and that doesn’t help the Quarterback when Parkinson takes five seconds to pick up speed. By that time, the Quarterback has given up on him. If Parkinson can work on his speed and quickness off the line, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

Draft Round: Don’t get me wrong, Parkinson is a good Tight End. He will be a valuable asset for any team that takes him. That being said, there are about eight other Tight Ends that could be taken before him. Parkinson will serve as a good backup who will need to develop before he gets any type of starting role on a team. I could see Parkinson being drafted late in the fourth round.

Which team should take Parkinson?: Parkinson will serve as a good backup role on any team. That team could be the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have a great starting Tight End, Mark Andrews. There is no chance Parkinson starts over him his rookie year, which is a good thing. Parkinson can take time and develop as a player. The Ravens love targeting Tight Ends in the red-zone, which is perfect for Parkinson. The Ravens target Tight Ends in 45% of their plays when they enter the red-zone. That percentage is the highest in the league. Parkinson will learn a great deal from Andrews, and his game will only get better. If for some reason Andrews goes down, Parkinson is capable of filling his role. After all, his Quarterback is one of the NFL’s best talents, Lamar Jackson. Parkinson will have a good career, and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes.