• Connor Smith

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Player Profile

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Player Profile

Connor Smith

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 209



Agility: He’s a good short area athlete. His agility is far above average and it’s a damn challenge to take him down in space. His cuts aren’t unstoppable but they’re good.

Vision: Clyde’s vision is easily top 3 in the class. His pre snap reads are extremely advanced which allows him to find space to run as well as block extremely well for his QB. He very rarely runs into contact and he will almost never run into his blockers. He’s got almost the perfect blend of patience and urgency when in the backfield.

Contact Balance: This guy doesn’t go down. His lower-half might be the strongest in the draft. Paired with his vision he can easily average 4+ yards per run. He’s the type of guy that you hate to watch run against your team because he seems to need to be gang tackled every run.

Ball Protection: Clyde doesn’t cough the ball up. Easily one of the best things that he does. Another running back that isn’t going to cause worry with turnovers. Very high level ability.

RotoExpert Comps: According to Rotoviz’s box score tool and Davis Mattek of RotoExpert, Clyde’s comps are all multi-year NFL running backs who were considerably productive in the league. The comparisons include Isaiah Pead, Tyler Ervin, DeAndre Washington, and C.J. Spiller.


Speed: Clyde’s slow. It’s as simple as that. He is able to get to the second level but once there he gets tracked down with very little challenge. He needs to be paired in the backfield with a back who can break big gains and chunk plays.

Burst: Not as bad as his straight speed but still not above average. He has some burst but it really isn’t something to write home about.

Arm Length: A weird thing to point out but could be a problem. His arms are short. This will be a problem with his pass catching.

2nd Gear: His 2nd gear was completely non-existent in college. He was caught from behind time and time again.

Expected Draft Positions

I’d say a safe projection would be a 2nd day pick. He reminds me a lot of Devin Singletary. I think he’s a tad slower but they run in a similar style. He’s a guy I could definitely see a team reaching for on the 1st day though. He has the type of abilities that could make him a very consistent running back in the league and there’s a good chance a team overdrafts him hoping for that.

League Projections

His impact next year will most likely be minimal. I think he could be a very consistent running back in the NFL. He could also be a non-factor in the NFL because he is slower in comparison. We also didn’t see much of his pass-blocking last year because of the way LSU’s offense was. There’s a consistent running back in there, I believe that truly. I also believe that it’ll take the right situation to find that back.

Teams That Should Take A Look

A team with a faster, more explosive back could be the best place for Clyde. I think the Broncos with Phillip Lindsay would actually be very interesting. Any team that has a burst running back will be a perfect place for Clyde. He could easily carve out a very quality career as a consistent backup running back. He could just as easily become a non-factor.

My Opinion

I don’t love Edwards-Helaire. I think he definitely has the chance to become a productive back in the NFL but I don’t know if it’s a large enough chance to convince me that he’s a 1st or early 2nd round pick. He does a lot of things at an average level. His pass-blocking is unknown but his power, agility, and balance are all above average. He also has some important traits that I would rate below average. His speed and burst are below average. His second gear is non-existent. His comps are encouraging but they don’t stand out to me. I think if a team gets him in the 4th or later they should be very happy but he should be around the 4th running back off the board. That most likely means a late 2nd round to early 3rd round pick and I’m just not totally sold on that value. That being said the more film I’ve watched and the more I look into him the more I like him.


Ceiling: Mark Ingram

Floor: Stevan Ridley