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Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft Recap

With only two top 100 picks, surely the Chicago Bears couldn’t mess up this draft right? Being only one year removed from a historic defensive season, it seems like the Bears window to win is quickly fading in a division that is loaded with talent and a conference that has tons of veteran experience. From personal experience, the two biggest needs for the Bears were a safety to start opposite side Eddie Jackson and a talented right guard, if possible, late in the draft. Let’s see how Daaa Bears did with the latest “Good, Bad, and Ugly” article.

The Good: Even though their defense is considered elite among fans and fantasy football lovers alike, the Bears still needed to fix up a couple holes in order to replace some veterans who had left the team or simply are just getting older. One area of weakness was the secondary where the Bears were slated to have either Artie Burns or Kevin Toliver start as the CB2, not the best options. With their additional second round pick the Bears decided to jump on the hard working and extremely smart Jaylon Johnson from the University of Utah. Johnson is a typical cover 3 style corner which will fit in with the Bears scheme, and luckily for Johnson he’s also getting to learn from tremendous talents in Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson. Another good aspect about this draft is that the Bears realized a position of need, the depth at that position, and then filled it a player that fits the exact same profile as the one that they cut. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about the coveted slot receiver position in the NFL, where as we all know you’ve gotta be fast! Darnell Mooney was selected as “Turbo” Taylor Gabriel’s replacement and trust me the four year starter from Tulane University will not disappoint with his 4.38 40 yard dash speed. My only concern with Mooney is his drops, had a staggering 13% drop rate of all catchable passes in college and is coming off back to back seasons of eight drops. You heard it here first folks, we’ll be calling this man Darnell “Zoomey” by the end of the 2020 season.

The Bad: At this point you’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard that the Bears drafted their 10th tight end to their roster, a position that they have struggled with for an entire decade. Picture the fact that each year they are actually using more and more tight ends...in 2017 three tight ends caught a pass, in 2018 that number jumped to four, and then sadly last season the Bears had five different tight ends catch a pass for them. Stability is obviously a problem for the Bears at this position, but why use your first pick of the entire draft on a position that already is deep for you and on top of that...a position you already addressed in the offseason. That’s right, many have forgotten somehow but Jimmy Graham was signed to an astonishing two year 16 million dollar which came with a six million dollar signing bonus. Now listen, I know Graham is old, he’s definitely not the Graham we all remember on the Saints or Seahawks, but consider that Graham has been very durable throughout his NFL career, playing in 15 or 16 games in nine of his 10 years in the league and you’ll realize he can still compete. Now my final “bad take” for the Bears would be using their third pick which just so happened to be in the fifth round on a position that they didn’t need. Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are the current starters, so drafting a defensive end just means he’ll be depth at the position. With the pick, the Bears selected Trevis Gibson coming from Tulsa University where he was only a two year starter. I understand Bears fans may see this as a good pick for depth purposes, but why not instead have taken a four year starter in Nick Harris who could’ve locked up the offensive line, or even Khaleke Hudson who set records as a Michigan Wolverine where he wrecked havoc at the inside linebacker position. Honestly blows my mind how the Bears saw that they were not going to pick for another three rounds and instead of picking up a position of true need they decide to go with a player who is just physically raw at his position.

The Ugly: Past what I have wrote already, the Bears also traded up for another fifth round pick to select Kindle Vildor which I actually like to replace Buster Skrine in the slot cornerback position. Additionally they had two seventh round picks, which to be honest you can’t even hate on, so this section will be short. The two seventh round picks were both offensive lineman which I typically would recommend because you just never know at that point if you’ll end up with a Tom Nalen, Adam Timmerman, or Gene Hickerson. I think the ugliest part about the entire Bears draft and offseason is the quarterback position. This time of the year just reminds us of how poor the move was to trade up for Mitchell Trubisky, and now this offseason signing Nick Foles. Honestly, I believe that the fans would’ve embraced a rookie quarterback such as Jake Fromm in the fifth round knowing that Foles helped mentor other young quarterbacks such as Carson Wentz and Gardner Minshew. Good luck with the selections Bears fans, hopefully y’all will turn one of these rookies into the next monster of the midway.