• Armaan Sodhi

Cam Akers Draft Profile

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 217

Pros: Considering how bad Florida State's offensive line was, Akers shows great vision and acceleration to find the hole and explode through it. When the hole closes up, he has the ability to quickly cut to the opposite side turning negative plays into positive plays. It's tough to bring down Akers when you first hit him. He has a strong lower half and consistently runs through tackles. Teams have to respect his ability to not only bounce off tackles but also his ability to make defenders miss in the open field. He has an impressive ability to cut/juke out defenders and burst away from them. With a player his size, Akers is fast in the open field and provides the breakaway speed to beat the defenders of a cut. Akers ran for 1144 yards and 14 touchdowns while adding 4 more touchdowns in the receiving game.

Cons: Akers struggles in pass protection and this makes him a liability on passing downs. He has the frame to be elite in pass protection but needs the coaching to help him get there. Once he accomplishes this, he can be a great three-down back. Akers has problems with ball protection as he fumbled 10 times across his three seasons at Florida State. This would surely impact his playing time and thus fantasy value. Production is a big question mark, but the Florida State offensive line sure didn't help his case. He never had elite numbers during his college days. He never eclipsed more than 1150 yards per season.

Comparison: I would like to compare Akers to someone like Mark Ingram. I believe he will be at his best when paired with a receving back like Kamara. Ingrams best year was with Kamara when he ran for 1124 yards and 12 touchdowns. Also, Ingram and Akers can both be efficient in the receiving game if need be. I would love to see Akers paired up with somebody like James White or Duke Johnson

Expectations: I believe Akers will be a Day 2 pick. I think his range is late 2nd round to early 3rd round. I would like to see him drafted into a situation where he has a counterpart to take part in the majority of the receving game. I could see him being drafted to a team like the Chargers where he could be the early-down/goal-line back while Ekeler takes part in the majority of the passing game and splits carries with him. I believe he could thrive in this situation and also become a three-down back once Ekelers time is up. Obviously the running back needy teams like the Buccaneers or Dolphins could take a shot at Akers in the later rounds, but both those teams have bigger needs. The Falcons could be another team to take a stab at Akers as insurance for Todd Gurley, but the Falcons normally do not incorporate running backs into their offense very well so I do not believe he would reach his full potential there. Also, they run an air raid offense and if Akers pass protection skills don't improve, he wouldn't be seeing the field very often in Atlanta. Wherever Akers goes, I don't expect him to be a day 1 starter or three-down back, but with the right coaching, he could blossom into a star player in the NFL.

Fantasy Expectations: If you are in a redraft league, I do not expect Akers to have a lot of value. Depending on his situation, I would draft him as a handcuff or as a running back 5-6 on your roster with upside. In a dynasty league, however, he has more value. If he landed on either LA team, Buccaneers or Dolphins, I would potentially take a stab at him as my running back 4-5 depending on league size. If he goes to a team like the Falcons, I would draft him as a handcuff to Gurley and as a running back 5-6 with upside on my roster. Overall, for his fantasy value, his landing spot will determine it, but I do not expect him to play a very big role for fantasy owners in 2020.