• rjsoliz23

Buffalo Bills Draft Recap

Overall Grade: A-

The Bills did a good job filling voids that they needed to address during this offseason. The organization seems to be riding with Josh Allen as their franchise QB and have been taking action in building a unit around him. Earning a playoff birth in 2019, the Bills aren't far away from being a team that needs to be noticed. At 10-6 last year, they had a successful season, and seem to only be getting better.

First of all, the Bills didn't have a first-round-pick in this year's draft after giving it up in a deal that brought in Stefon Diggs. Diggs is a proven talent in the NFL that can run routes with the best in the business. Diggs may have some history, but his talent is not a question. Having him come in and give Josh Allen a true #1 receiver is valuable. This wasn't a pick, but the move is worth noting.

Grade: A

With their first pick coming in the second round, the Bills took advantage of a fantastic player who slipped in the draft. A.J. Epenesa is a great fit on the Bills defense as he is very versatile and can move around on the D-Line if needed. His power on the line is outstanding and he displays his punch power tremendously. Couple that with his power and ability to move offensive linemen and you have yourself a great player. With a 6'6 and 280 lbs frame, Epenesa has the upside of a cornerstone edge defender.

Pick Grade: A

The second pick for the Bills helped strengthen their backfield as they drafted running-back Zack Moss out of Utah. Moss racked up over 4,000 yards on the ground during his time at Utah, and he's done a fair amount of damage catching passes as well. Moss is a 5'10 and 222 lbs bowling ball. The balance that Moss has during contact situations is great and his ability to stay on his feet and keep creating offense is awesome. He isn't the fastest man with a 4.65 40-yard-dash, but he has the ability to get to the edge and get to the second level. He won't leave everybody in the dust, but he will go through somebody if he needs to. The addition of Moss in a backfield that has Devin Singletary seems a little odd, but Moss will be a nice addition to the backfield.

Pick Grade: B

Among the rest of the draft picks for the Buffalo Bills were fourth-rounder Gabriel Davis out of UCF who brings good size and length to the Bills. He doesn't have great playmaking ability with the ball in his hands but he does have the upside to go up and high-point the football if need be. The fifth-round selection for the Bills was Jake Fromm who brings a safe and capable option to the Bills if he is needed to step in for Allen. He won't be a longtime starter, but he'll be a good backup. Buffalo had two sixth-round picks as they took kicker Tyler Bass from Georgia Southern and receiver Isaiah Hodgens from Oregon State. Hodgens has great size, great hands and will have the ability to be a chain mover if he gets on the field. He doesn't have much when it comes to making plays with the ball in his hands. In the seventh round the Bills took Dane Jackson out of Pitt. Jackson has great aggression but this can burn him at times. He projects as more of a sub-package corner and needs to work on things before he can get significant playing time.

Overall the Bills did a fairly good job at using the draft picks they had available in the best way they could. Getting a top-talent WR was great, and filling certain needs that needed to be noted will help tremendously.