• rjsoliz23

Bengals Draft Recap

Overall Grade: A

With the future of the Bengals organization uncertain, the 2020 NFL Draft gave the team a chance to brighten their future. Like a number of other teams, Cincinnati was searching for a man to take the reigns of a struggling organization to help guide them back to success. The Bengals lack a lot of key pieces, and this draft class can help bring them back to notoriety.

First and foremost, Joe Burrow was the obvious choice as the Bengals No. 1 selection. A QB that has much of the skill set and necessary mind that is required to play the position at a high level. The Bengals needed a fresh and new start and Joe seems to fit the mold they need. Burrow is a great selection by the Bengals and the only one that would’ve made any sense for them in that spot.

Pick Grade: A+

The second-round selection of the Bengals, Tee Higgins showed great flashes during his time at Clemson. With over 1,100 yards during his 2019 campaign, Higgins is used to having the ball put in his hands. The 6’4 playmaker may take the spot of A.J. Green when the veteran WR decides to part ways with the team. Pick Grade: B

Logan Wilson comes in as the Bengals 3rd-round selection and has been a great player at the University of Wyoming. He’s shown good ability to play short zones well but can struggle in man coverage. Wilson has decent size at 6’2 and 241lbs, so he’s got plenty of ability to plug holes. He’s an intelligent player who seems to be in the play at all times. He makes correct decisions which in turn put him in the action consistently. His football IQ is great and I think this man can be a productive starting linebacker in the league.

Pick Grade: B+

Other players the Bengals drafted consisted of Akeem Davis-Gaither, a 4th-round selection that has experience in other positions besides linebacker. He has safety experience and is a great cover linebacker. Playing a few positions may not be out of the question for Davis-Gaither. Khalid Kareem is a solid run defender but lacks great ability to rush the passer. Kareem could turn out to be a solid rotational piece for the Bengals. Hakeem Adeniji out of the University of Kansas has been a great piece for the Jayhawks since he joined the team. His durability has been a great asset and although he needs to work on his skillset, he could eventually turn into a legitimate starter in the league. At this point, he’s just depth. Markus Bailey out of Purdue has been a good instinctual player during his time on the field. One thing holding him back is his injury history as he’s had two major knee injuries.

While the Bengals still need time to develop these rookie picks, I do see a bright future ahead if they can give Burrow as much help as possible. Overall the draft-class was good and Cincinnati has done a good job and moving the franchise in the correct direction.