• Armaan Sodhi

AJ Dillion Draft Profile

Height: 6' 0''

Weight: 247 lbs

AJ Dillon had a great career at Boston College. In Dillon's freshman year, he won ACC Rookie of the Year while also earning Freshman All American honors. In his senior year, Dillon was on the third team Associated Press All American while also earning first-team ACC. Dillion had 1500 rushing yards or more in 2 out of his three seasons while also scoring above 10 touchdowns in each of his three years at Boston College. He was a very underrated back but a dominant one and will look to continue his dominance in the


Pros: Dillon is built like a tank standing at 6 feet and weighing close to 250 pounds. His build allows him to absorb contact and bounce of tackles while also being able to push piles in short-yardage situations. He is a patient runner who follows the design of the run. He reads his blocking assignments great making him an above-average pass protector. For his size, Dillion has above-average athleticism. He has the ability to size up linebackers and take them head-on. Dillon also has a great stiff arm (as shown below) which helps to give him better angles on toss plays and outside runs.


Cons: Dillon is not a natural pass catcher which will impact his value in PPR leagues. He needs to work on his speed/acceleration into the second level. He is not very elusive and needs to work on his cuts/agility. It seems as if scouts are concerned about durability due to his physical playstyle and high workload.

Comparison: Dillon's playstyle is comparable to Steelers running back James Conner. Both backs are bruisers who can bounce off tackles but possess patience and great vision in order to find the hole and power through it. Their pass-catching skills are questionable, along with their speed in the second level, but in short-yardage situations, they are hard backs to bring down.

Expectation: I expect Dillon to be taken in the 3rd to 5th round. I could see a team like Seattle taking a chance on them as most of their successful backs have been physical runners who are explosive and fast. Especially with the question marks surrounding Penny and Carson being a free agent next season, Seattle makes perfect sense for Dillon. I would like to see him have some type of compliment especially in the passing game, but also to extend his NFL career. He has already carried a hefty load at Boston College so saving him from a couple of hits could pay dividends.

Fantasy Expectations: I do not expect Dillon to be relevant in redraft leagues at all next season. In dynasty leagues, he could be worth a late-round pick. I would stay away from Dillon in 2020 unless he is thrust into an RB2 role for his team.

Ceiling: James Conner